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Buddhist Tour Packages India

Lord Buddha spent a significant part of his life many Buddhist places in India bear the precious timestamps of his teachings and spiritualism. A Buddhist tour takes you on the trip to visit the places to view the magnificent sites like Buddhist temples, stupas, pagodas, monasteries, and gompas. For booking related information visit our Buddhist Tourism Website at now.

To make travel easier and convenient, we design various travel circuits for Buddhist tour packages from Thailand, Myanmar. Special Holidays offers lucrative Buddhist tour schemes and packages with all modern amenities in the Buddhist Circuit Tour Package Price. If you too want to enjoy the charm of Buddhist tour circuits, Our Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour India Nepal covering the circuit of your choice so get ready to treasure incredible charm.

Here are some of the most visited sites that covers Buddhist Circuit Tour

The birthplace of Lord Buddha, Lumbini is one of the most preferred choices of people taking Buddhist tour packages. It is situated in the Terai region of Southern Nepal is a beautiful destination. The most important Pilgrimages center Lumbini has a many older temples, including are the Mayadevi temple, the Pashkarni the holy pond, the Ashoka pillar, museum and various new temples funded by Buddhist organisations from different countries.

Bodhgaya, the most revered Buddhist pilgrimage tour of India after Lumbini. The place is said to have attained enlightenment or bodhi, which Siddhartha Gautama, became known as the Buddha. This place is located in the state of Bihar, which is about 15 km away from the city of Gaya. The significant sites of Budhgaya tour includes Bodhi Tree and Mahabodhi Stupa along with Monlam Chenmo, Tergar Monastery, Kagyu, Barabar Caves and many more.

The next place of destination is Sarnath; is acclaimed as a Buddhist pilgrimage destination. Chaukhandi Stupa, Dhamekh Stupa, Ashoka Pillar and relics of the Buddhist monastery are among the popular sites one must visit in Sarnath.

The place of Maha-Parinirvana for Buddha. Kushinagar is known as the last place of Lord Buddha. The Place is around 56 Kms from the Gorakhpur the state of Uttar Pradesh. It is said that the Lord Buddha stayed till his last time of life and stepped into Maha-Parinirvana.

Apart from them, there are many other important Buddhist pilgrimage tours India Nepal includes Nalanda, Rajgir, Sanchi Stupa, Amravati, Swayambhunath stupa and cave temples of Ajanta and Ellora are the preferred Heritage in Buddhist circuit tour. These tourist circuits are very famous attractions of Buddhist package tours to India.

There are numerous other sites like Leh is a famous tourist destination in India>/strong>, for its Buddhist monasteries, stupas and splendid landscape. Places like, Tawang is also famous for its biggest Buddhist monasteries with much interesting heritage site. Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh an important center for Buddhism where Tibetan Buddhist leader Dalai lama have emerged as an Buddhist tour destination. Our Buddhist tour package also includes a visit to famous Buddhist sites in India including Mcleodganj. Visiting one of these places this tour can grant a stupendous experience for you and your family.

Special holidays is one of the leading Buddhist Tour Operator in India, offering services Buddhist Pilgrimage tour across India, Nepal and Bodhgaya from Nagpur, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Patna at competitive prices.

  • A Quick Guide to Sikkim Tour

    A Quick Guide to Sikkim Tour

    • Gangtok → Tsomgo lake → Gangtok → Siliguri
    Sikkim is a place that is restricted for foreign nationals as it is a border state.  People from Bangladesh, China, Myanmar and Pakistan should have an approval from the Ministry of Affairs of the government of India. But there are also several protected areas in Sikkim where even Indians need special permit. It is impossible for anyone to resist its charm and beauty. It is a best place for both nature lovers and adventure lovers where you can find serene beauty for the ones who are looking for it and also rides rafts and mountaineering for the others.

    Sikkim Holiday Travel Packages - Places like Gangtok, Namchi, Rumtek Monastery, Ravangla, Lachung, Do-Drul Chorten etc, are the main tourist attractions. In the Tsomgo Lake migratory ducks like brahmini can be found along with yak and pony rides. Plan 4 Days Gangtok Tour Package and visit Sikkim at least once in a life time to experience peace and tranquility.

    4 Days / 3 Nights
  • Magical Gangtok Tour

    Magical Gangtok Tour

    • Gangtok → Tsomgolake → Gangtok → Darjeeling → Siliguri
    Gangtok is a beautiful hill station, which is located in the North Eastern part of Sikkim. Many tourists like to have a combined trip of Gangtok and Darjeeling as it is not very far from here. There are many places for sightseeing in Gangtok Holiday Travel Packages. Sikkim is known to be the India’s first organic state. Another thing that wonders us is the languages spoken in Sikkim. English is also recognized as the official language along with other languages even though Nepali is the widely spoken language. There are different varieties of flora and Fauna in that region.

    The Bhutias, Nepalese and Lepchas are the main residents of Gangtok. It is a place mixed with different culture and tradition. The most prominent place of Gangtok is Mount Kanchenjunga which is covered by snow. This mountain is surrounded by exotic landscapes and it is considered to be the third highest mountain in the world.

    Gangtok Darjeeling is very famous for trekking and is a perfect place for people who are planning their honeymoon. There are also mountain terrains surrounded by many peaks. Along with the roads that lead to the terrains are the pilgrimage centers or monasteries like the Rumtek. These roads are densely populated by the magnificent flora and fauna including.

    Plan Gangtok Darjeeling Honeymoon Package and spend quality time with your partner in Darjeeling and Gangtok.

    5 Days / 4 Nights
  • Royal Kingdom of Bhutan

    Royal Kingdom of Bhutan

    • Paro → Thimpu → Paro
    Bhutan is known as Mountaineer’s paradise. Thimpu, the capital of Bhutan maintains its rich cultural diversity leaving all modern technologies. Even the new buildings are built in Bhutanese style. The top attractions here are the National Memorial Chorte, Motithang Takin and Tashichho Dzong. Phuentsholing is a small town in Bhutan with a beautiful environment. The Amo Chuu, Karbandi monastery, Chukha Hydrothermal and The Bhutan Gate are the main attractions of Phuentsholing. It is a perfect place for every type of tourists.

    The Bumthang valley is a famous Buddhist site of Bhutan. It is nestled among the famous Buddhist temples. It is more like a religious hub with a number of temples in it. The apple trees on the sides of the Bumthang valley are a wonderful sight. Wangduephodrang is another town in Bhutan which is situated to the south of Punakha. The greenery seen in this town is the beauty of the cattle fields. Here you can find numerous cattle’s and yaks grazing on the fields. This land provides grass for the cattle’s around Bhutan and also to nearby towns. There is a celebration that takes place in autumn known as the Wangduephodrang Tsechu.

    Plan 5 Days Bhutan Tour and explore the beautiful Paro and Thimphu.

    5 Days / 4 Nights
  • Darjeeling – A Beautiful Town in Himalaya

    Darjeeling – A Beautiful Town in Himalaya

    • bagdogra → darjeling → gangtok
    Newly married couples who are planning to spend few weeks on snow-capped mountains can think of touring Darjeeling which is situated at Lower plains of Himalayas. Sikkim - Tourists who enter into this mind blowing destination will be busy round the clock since there are lots of tourist attractions and site seeing spots. They will find natural as well as manmade marvels. Individuals who have spiritual mindset and longing for peace can step into lots of Buddhist monasteries which were constructed at Darjeeling several centuries back by Buddhist monks. Japanese peace pagoda is a religious site which will provide info about life of Buddha and the importance of prayers. Batasia loop is an interesting local tourist spots which has rich gardens and war memorial.

    Global tourists who flock 5 Days Sikkim Tour can also tour Coronation Bridge, tinchuley village, tiger hill observation deck, lava, dali monastery, jhandi dara sunrise point and petrichor farms. Tourists also step into dhirdham temple, ahal dara view point and samthar plateau. Do not miss dow hill and kali temple which are spiritual abodes. Honeymooners will have nice time on this greenish hill since there are tons of tourist attractions. Badamtam tea estate will rejuvenate the mind quickly and reduce stress. 

    5 Days / 4 Nights
  • Splendid Gangtok & Pelling

    Splendid Gangtok & Pelling

    • Pelling → Gangtok → Tsomgo Lake → Gangtok → Siliguri
    Gangtok is known as a piece of paradise for its natural beauty. It is a great place for vacation, and tourists of all types. There are wonderful tourist places like Tsomgo Lake, Yuksum, Pelling etc,. The flower valley Yumthag has rare species of flora and fauna. Gangtok Pelling Honeymoon Tour - Taxi services are available to take you easily to all these places. Bus and helicopter services are available in plenty. The economy and lifestyle of Splendid Tour of Gangtok Pelling has become advanced over the years.

    The Mahatma Gandhi road popularly known as M.G. Marg is the heart of Gangtok. The specialty of it is that vehicles are not allowed as it is purely a pedestrian area.  This has many restaurants and little shops, and it is strictly a litter and smoke free area. Things can be bought very cheaply and is the best place for people who love shopping. Benches are laid on the both sides of the road, people can sit and relax, watch children play and also the tourists around. When the sun light goes out, beautiful lamps are lit. It also has several taxies and bus stands for different purposes.

    6 Days / 5 Nights
  • Amazing Bhutan

    Amazing Bhutan

    • Paro → Thimpu → Punakha / Wangdue Phodrong → Paro
    Bhutan is considered as the happiest place on earth. 14km away from Paro lays the ruins of the ancient Drukgyel Dzong. The false entrance of Dzong is the main attraction for the tourists. This was made so that the Tibetan invaders will stay away.  This place is amazing for people who love to ride bikes. The highest point of Bhutan is the Chelela pass, from where you can see the beautiful views of the Paro valley. The way or route to this pass is amazing with yaks grazing the fields. Chelela pass can be seen at a distance and the view is just mesmerizing.

    The one place that should be covered in Bhutan is the Jakar aka Choekar Valley as it is the main centre of Bhutan. This valley is commonly known as the Switzerland of Bhutan. There are also a number of pilgrimage sites in the city. Among them the most sacred places are the Kurje Lhakhang and Zangtoperli Lhakhang.

    Tourists can have a good time in Bhutan by clicking photographs and shopping handmade goods. Plan 6 Days Bhutan Tour and visit places Zangthoperi Lhakhang, Changangkha Lhakhang, Trashi Chhoe Dzong, National Memorial Chorte etc.

    6 Days / 5 Nights
  • Discover Bhutan

    Discover Bhutan

    • Bagdogra → Phuentsholling → Thimpu → Punakha → Paro → Phuentsholling → Bagdogra
    Bhutan is a little paradise. Anyone who travels to this place would fall in love with it. 65 percent of the country should be forested according to the law and that is the reason why there is full of greenery in this country. It is actually a visual treat for anyone who visits this place. A valley named Paro in Bhutan is located among the Himalayan ranges. This valley is rich in culture and its scenic beauty is mesmerizing. One can visit many temples and monasteries in a village near this valley. The fields of red rice in Paro is a definitely an astonishing view.

    Next is the city of Phuentsholing, this is the second largest city in Bhutan. This town also has a very clean and clear environment as that of Bhutan. The scenic spots are to the outskirts of this city. The must visit places in Phuentsholing are the Bhutan gate, Amo Chuu etc,. Amo Chuu is a centre for crocodiles to breed. The Thimpu, the capital city of Bhutan is famous for the bronze statue of Buddha Sakyamuni. The art gallery that grabs the most attention of the tourists is located in Bhutan.

    Plan 8 Days Bhutan Tour and explore Phuentsholling, Thimpu, Punakha and Paro with Special Holidays.

    8 Days / 7 Nights
  • Buddhist Tour

    Buddhist Tour

    • Kolkata–Varanasi–Bodhgaya–Rajgir–Vaishali → Patna
    Buddhist monks from many parts of the world enter India for visiting hundreds of Buddhist monasteries. India which enjoys rich tradition, culture and heritage welcomes millions of Buddhist monks and Buddha followers and provides them maximum comforts. Buddhists who step into northern parts of India make it a point to visit Darjeeling, Ladakh, Gangtok, Varanasi, Gaya, Sarnath, Kushinagar, Kapilavastu, sankisa, sravasti, Sikkim, Ajanta and Ellora, Dharmashala and Nalanda. There are hundreds of pilgrimage centers and monasteries in India which will keep monks and Buddhist followers extremely busy with Buddhist Tour in India. They consider Gaya as one of the important spiritual centers since this is the place where Buddha got enlightenment. Tourists sit for a while under Bodhi tree and do meditation.

    Nalanda which is in the state of Bihar sees many tourists who follow Buddhism. People who visit Bihar also tour Rajgir and Vaishali before moving to other states. Sanchi in Madhya Pradesh, Tawang monastery in Arunachal Pradesh, Nagarjunakonda in Andhra Pradesh also see tons of people who follow this religion. Kapilavastu where Lord Buddha was born also attracts millions of tourists throughout the year. Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour Package, tourists will find palace site which is believed to be the ruins of the palace of King Shuddhodhan the father of Prince Gautam.

    8 Days / 7 Nights
  • Buddhist Tour

    Buddhist Tour

    • Delhi → Agra → Varanasi → Bodhgaya → Ragjir → Nalanda → Patna → Vaishali → Kushinagar → Lumbini → Sravasti → Lucknow → Delhi
    Experience the captivating and soul stirring charm of the Buddhist monasteries and temples dating back several centuries. Find your inner calm in the middle of bustling towns and busy streets. Take our Buddhist vacation package to find the tranquility within you. Covering more than 10 heritage towns and cities, this tour will take you through a unique journey replete with experiences full of spirituality and devotion.

    The ancient domes and structures are stout epitomes of faith that have stood tall for centuries. Connect with your maker and let the calming vibes heal you mentally and spiritually. Lose yourself in the hymns and chants and find the true meaning of life away from your busy city routine. This Buddhist tour is a truly calming and healing experience that allows you to regain spiritual consciousness. Starting in Delhi, this Buddhist tour takes you to 13 cities taking you through the rich culture and heritage of the country including sites of great historical relevance such as Lumbini, Kushinagar, Bodhgaya and many more. 

    10 Days / 9 Nights
  • Enhancing Buddhist Tourism in India

    Enhancing Buddhist Tourism in India

    • Delhi → Jaipur → Agra → Varanasi → Bodhgaya → Patna → Kushinagar → Lumbini → Delhi
    Buddhism is undoubtedly one of the most peaceful doctrines of faith in the world. It preaches peace and tolerance as its fundamental tenets. Buddhism aims at teaching its followers the lost idea of minimalism and abstinence. The ancient Buddhist hymns and chants still hold relevance in today’s world. They have the power to heal and cleanse. Even in today’s world, people from all corners of the world travel in search for an enlightening experience that helps them gain greater consciousness into their lives. Buddhist tourism in India witnesses millions of visitors every year coming to this great land in the search for peace and tranquility.

    The birthplace of this divine religion is India. Special holidays has curated a unique holiday package to take you to the roots of the Buddhist religious movement in India.  The tour package takes you to the historical sites and cities where you can experience the inner calm and peace that compelled the great sage Gautam Buddha to give up kingship and worldly desires and instead led him to lead a life of spirituality and minimalism. 

    11 Days / 10 Nights
  • Buddhist Tour India

    Buddhist Tour India

    • Lucknow → Sravasti → Lumbani → Kushinagar → Patna → Rajgir → Bodhgaya → Varanasi → Kathmandu
    If you are looking for an arousing experience that allows you to regain inner consciousness, you will truly cherish our Buddhist travel packages in India that take you through ancient Buddhist temples, stupas and monasteries. A truly unique escapade of devotion and worship awaits you in the beautiful heritage towns of North India and Nepal.

    Visit these ancient sites of great historical relevance, where you can connect with yourself and with the master. Lose all worries and inhibitions and let yourself be carried away by this rich spirit cleansing experience.

    Our Buddhist tour truly helps you calm your senses. The invigorating vibes of the ancient temples transports you to a parallel universe of tranquility. The north Indian cities of Patna, Lumbini, Kushinagar and Bodhgaya have been at the epicenter of the Buddhist heritage movement. Now you can experience the rich culture and history of these breathtaking cities that have given to the world, one of the greatest religions of all times. 

    11 Days / 10 Nights
  • Buddhist Tour Packages in India

    Buddhist Tour Packages in India

    • Bodhgaya → Rajgir&Nalanda → Bodhgaya → Varanasi → Kushinagar–Lumbini → Shravasti → Lucknow → Sankassia → Agra
    The Buddhist tour package covers all those places that are notable in the history of Buddhism. Sravasti, Lambini, Kushinagar, vaishali, Bodh Gaya, and Varanasi are what the Buddhist holiday tour package consists of.

    Shravasti was the ancient capital of Kosala and takes pride in stating that it had provided shelter for about 24 rainy days. This is the exact same place he performed Tirthika Heretics.

    Lumbini is the birthplace of Lord Buddha. It is a world heritage monument of the UNESCO. However, Lumbini is situated at the south Terrain plains of Nepal. The famous Ashokan pillar constructed by King Ashoka will be found here. The Maya Devi temple is a temple that is built to honour the mother of Maya Devi. The temple was built in the 2nd century. The Nirvana temple and Ramabhar temple is what Kushinagar is popular for.

    The ruins of the Nalandha University lay on the way to Rajgir. Students of Buddhism from all over the world studied at this University. Being built in the 5th century, it was the world’s first residential University.

    Venuvana Vihar built by king Bimbisara for Lord Buddha to reside is situated at Bodh Gaya and it stands there with pride till today. Bodh Gaya is where Lord Buddha used to meditate to gain supreme knowledge. The Mahabodhi temple is another monument that is also vital in the life of Buddha.

    11 Days / 10 Nights
  •  A Journey to Buddhist Pilgrimage

    A Journey to Buddhist Pilgrimage

    • Agra–Varanasi–Bodhgaya–Patna–Kushinagar–Lumbini–Balrampur → Lucknow
    Some of the famous Buddhist pilgrimage sites in India are Ladakh, Sikkim, Sarnath in Varanasi, Gaya, etc. Ladakh is one of the widely known pilgrimage destinations for Buddhist. A large number of Buddhist temples and monasteries can be found in Ladakh. Buddhist Tours India - There is an old school of Tibetan Buddhism in Ladakh which is famous for its rituals, folks, handicrafts, behavior, etc. Sikkim is one of the popular tourist destinations of Buddhism in India. It has a lot of Buddhist monasteries. One of the popular monasteries is Rumtek. It is located in the capital city of Gangtok. It acts as a spiritual ambiance and handicrafts stores.

     A Journey to Buddhist Pilgrimage - The city of Sarnath is located at a distance of 10 km from Varanasi. Sarnath is famous among the pilgrims because it is said that Lord Buddha searched for his five companions in this city. He delivered his first sermon in the Deer Park, Sarnath. Gaya INS considered as the primary pilgrimage site as the peepal tree under which Buddha attained enlightenment is situated here. It is located in Bihar, India. The ancient Mahabodhi Temple is one of the famous tourist places here. These are the famous Buddhist pilgrimage sites in India.

    12 Days / 11 Nights


    • Kolkata/Board Vivada Cruiser → Kolkata/Barrackpore/erampore / Chinsura/Bandel → Kalna/Shantipur/Fulia → Mayapur and Matiari → urshidabad → Jangipur lock/arakka Barrage/Malda → Rajmahal–Manihari → Bateswarsthan to visit Vikramshila/Kahelgoan → Bhagalpur → Munger → Samaria–Nalanda–Rajgir–Bodh Gaya → Bodh Gaya–Varanasi → Varanasi
    Follow the path of  one the holiest rivers of India, along the eastern states of Bengal and Bihar. One of the most unique journeys, you can trace the footsteps of British invaders and then float into the history of the nation, skipping from ancient towns with diverse social fabric and practices. This is one of the most enriching journeys in India. This itinerary gives you the highlights of the day for the entire stretch of the journey.

    Top Places : Kolkata / Board Vivada Cruiser | Kolkata / Barrackpore / Serampore / Chinsura / Bandel | Kalna / Shantipur / Fulia | Mayapur and Matiari | Murshidabad | Jangipur lock / Farakka Barrage / Malda | Rajmahal – Manihari | Bateswarsthan to visit Vikramshila / Kahelgoan | Bhagalpur | Munger | Samaria – Nalanda – Rajgir – Bodh Gaya | Bodh Gaya – Varanasi | Varanasi

    Highlights : Bodhi Tree | Nalanda | Sarnath | Barrackpore | Chandannagore | Kalna | Matiari | Farakka Barrage | Ganga aarti

    14 Days / 13 Nights
  • Footsteps of Lord Buddha Tour to India

    Footsteps of Lord Buddha Tour to India

    • Delhi → Jaipur–Agra → Varanasi → Bodhgaya–Vaishali–Kushinagar → Lumbini → Kapilvastu → Shravasti–Balrampur → Lucknow
    Footsteps of Lord Buddha tour follow the footsteps of Buddha from Bodh Gaya. Bodh Gaya is the place where Lord Buddha achieved enlightenment. Bodh Gaya is famous for the Mahabodhi temple. The temple features a huge black statue of Buddha in a sitting position. A Boddhi tree is also seen and it is one similar to that of which Buddha used to meditate under to gain supreme knowledge. For most of travellers undertaking a trip to this place may be more on the pilgrimage side. Although it’s mostly preferred by travellers on a pilgrimage, it does not mean that it has less of entertainment to offer.

    Footsteps of Lord Buddha tour package incorporate places like Sarnath and Kushinagar as well. While the former is the place where he preached his first sermon, the latter is where he attained Parinirvana at. The journey of enlightenment of Siddhartha Gautama is what the tour concentrates on. Tourist spots like the Kushinagar museum, Ramabhar stupa, sun temple, and the Mahaparinirvana temple capture the attention of every tour groups.

    15 Days / 14 Nights

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