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Our Mission is to provide an exclusive Solo Travel Experience

Our purpose is to inform, inspire, improve and provide an exclusive solo travel experience. With more travellers choosing to take a holiday by themselves because they don’t want to compromise on where they go and what they do. We provide innumerable options for anyone who wants to travel alone. Going on holiday by yourself means you don’t have to compromise on your choice of destination, your itinerary or the activities you take part in. Whether they’re single or just want some ’me time’, people now have an incredible choice of holidays and destinations to choose from and it has become so much easier to explore the world.
We understand and respect and welcome the reasons for solo traveller for taking a solo trip are:

  1. Opportunity to be able to do what I want
  2. Chance to take some time out
  3. Visit a new destination

When you travel abroad, you want someone you can trust, someone who will help you feel comfortable, and someone who will help you discover your destination through authentic, memorable, enjoyable experiences.

With Special Holidays, you’re in great hands. We’re locals. Full-time, Indians by birth and arranges all language experts, guides. You can trust us to help you not only fall in love with India and its subcontinent but also feel comfortable being in and moving around the city. Our tours are fully customized.
Our Travel Concierge Service offers a friendly personal service for all your travel requirements.  We go beyond internet searches and using our travel experience and expertise we save you time and hassle.

Special Holidays understands reasons of solo travel that’s caused by  changes in lifestyle and social structures
The key motivations of solo travellers involve exploring new cultures, opening-up new horizons, relaxing, seeking  novelty and  more authentic  experiences


If you have a passion for seeing the world and love the idea of sharing new experiences and making memories that will last forever, then a solos escorted tour with Just You would be ideal...There are so many reasons why people choose to travel independently, and at Just You, Special Holidays have been crafting solo tours for over 20 years.

Solo travellers praise many advantages of journeying alone through us:

  • It’s easy to design the trip. All that’s needed is your own buy-in for the plan.
  • You get to do whatever you want to do. You’re making all the decisions and choices. And that gives you a sense of freedom.
  • You can make last-minute adjustments to your plans based on how you feel that day.
  • You’re more likely to meet new people – locals and fellow travellers. That means more genuine experiences with people of diverse backgrounds.
  • You’ll develop more as a person. And you’ll gain a new sense of confidence and empowerment.
  • You’ll also test your limits and discover new abilities. The bonus of those: an increased sense of self-awareness and accomplishment.

Traveling alone is an experience like none other. It allows you to enjoy a destination on your own terms – without the distractions or schedule of others.Its more empowering, freeing, confident-building with an opportunity to become more self-aware and puts life into perspective.
However, it does occasionally have its challenges. Special Holidays cover everything from great destinations to managing money before and as you travel, safety tips and just general advice for having a great time as you travel solo.


Encouraging and connecting women to travel in a safe, non-cultural, non-judgemental environment where every woman can be free to experience and discover some of the most exotic places in the world. Every tour is an adventure which is laced with unique experiences only available on our small, customized groups.
Special Holidays use quality, local hotels in central areas (where applicable) and include many value added meals, visits and attractions that are normally an additional cost

The W.O.W Factor

Travel is one of the best ways to discover who you are, we encourage our guests to experience things you would have only dreamed of.
As women, we spend so much time focussing on family, children & careers that we often yearn for an experience that unites us and opens up our curiosity, wonder and creative side. Our “Women Only” tours have been designed to create that experience.
Exploring, experiencing and forming long friendships … We want to make you laugh, feel valued and understand how you can make a difference when traveling.
Take the challenge and get excited about one of our escapes with “just the girls!” I look forward to sharing the adventure.


The great thing about all our singles tours is that you’ll be with like-minded people who share your passion for travel and sense of adventure. Don’t worry – on our vacations, you’ll always be able to enjoy new experiences with other single travellers, as well as your own free time to explore independently. No matter your age or interests, we’re sure to have trip that you’ll love.


  • A Room of Your Own

    A private twin or double room guaranteed

  • Welcome get-togethers

    A chance to get to know your fellow travellers

  • Freedom & Flexibility

    Free time allows you to get out an explore

  • Expert Tour Managers

    Share their knowledge of a destination
    If it's a genuine experience you're after, you'll find it at Special Holidays. You may come along solo, but you'll never feel alone. Most of the women who join us, don't have a travel or adventure buddy, they're from all different backgrounds, relationship statuses and age groups. We encourage you to step outside your comfort zone knowing that you'll be supported, inspired and empowered throughout this journey!


At Special Holidays we recognised that people were leading increasingly busy lifestyles, making travel with friends and family more difficult, and finding dates to go away with each other sometimes impossible. We now organise tailor-made group tours, where anyone can join in and take advantage of the fact that everything is pre-organised, but where travellers still have the time and freedom to go off and explore on their own, which is the perfect balance.
We would love for you to join our friendly community on one of the many amazing adventures we offer and experience a new destination with lots of laughter and new friends.


There are great reasons to join a tour.

  • To explore a destination that you're not comfortable traveling on your own.
  • To introduce you to a new destination. A week on a tour will show you how a country works. From there you can go on your own.
  • To take a break on a long trip and let someone else do the planning and navigating for a change.

Welcome to Special Holidays we have created affordable yet luxurious small group tours for women. All tours are private for this group only. Many women take small group touring or even their first solo trip with us with many come alone. We understand how difficult the first solo trip is. We choose unusual destinations and our tours include fine meals, unusual local events and colorful festivals. Hotels are best in their categories and most of the time prices are all inclusive. We are the only women's group to include speakers, unusual places in Incredible India.

You know how overwhelming, tiring, stressful and ultimately disappointing it can be to go on a group tour or plan your own.


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