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Be Stunned By The Paro Taksang

Be Stunned By The Paro Taksang

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Remember the monastery you see on the brochure of almost every Bhutan travel package?

Yup, that's the majestic Paro Taksang.

Located in the mist-clad Paro valley, hugging the mountains while surrounded by forests of Pine, this is undoubtedly one of the most sacred sites of Bhutan. According to legend, in the 7th century,  the great Guru Rinpoche meditated in the caves here for 3 years, 3 months, 3 days and 3 hours to subdue the evil demons resting inside it. He flew to these tricky spots by sitting atop a tigress.

This is how the monastery derived its name - "Taksang" literally means "The Tigers Nest Temple". The interior of the monastery is one of the finest examples of the rich traditional Tibetian Buddhist cultures. It consists of 4 main temples which are connected through stairs carved from rocks. The dome is gold plated and consists of carved illuminating golden idols. On the other hand, the insides of Paro Taksang consists of hundreds of Buddhas carved on a rock. It also includes a carved golden statue of a huge tigress which signifies the famous legend. There are 8 caves near the monastery, out of which you can easily access 4.

Travelling to Paro Taksang is no easy task. You can take a Taxi to the base camp. From here you can either hike to or take a horse ride for 600INR per person to the Taksang Cafeteria. However, during the peak season, these rates can go up to 900-1000INR. From the Cafeteria, it takes about 2 hours to reach the monastery, a long upward hike followed by nearly 800 steps that you need to climb to reach the main monastery. Hence, this hike is generally not advised to those with Asthama, Cardiac problems, pregnant women and people with other heart/lung issues. One is also advised to begin with lower altitude valleys and then gently go higher so as to allow themselves to get acclimated to the high altitude. To know more about you can get there, check out our special packages to Bhutan on our website.

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