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Birdwatching Bhutan

Birdwatching Bhutan

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Ice topped peaks. Most clad mountains that seem to roll on for infinity. Azure blue skies. Gushing rivers and waterfalls. Lush Rhodendron and Pine forests. Majestic terrace farms. Bhutan - the land of the Thunder Dragon - is one of the last standing Himalayan kingdoms. Nestled deep in the womb if these majestic mountains, it has much to offer to all its visitors, in terms of adventure, culture and nature. A magical country with deeply rooted ancient tradition, culture and beliefs; Bhutan is no less than a slice of paradise. The Bhutanese and their Buddhist beliefs are influenced by the concept of maintaining harmony between man and nature. Hence they put considerable effort in maintaining their pristine forests and it's rich biodiversity. This is what makes Bhutan the ultimate paradise for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts.


Bhutan is a specially brilliant location for bird watchers. Certain travel companies offer special trips that cater specifically to bird watchers, tours that are focused towards soaking in all the biodiversity. On a nine-day trip, you are likely to see over 250 species. These include rare and exquisite ones like Satyr Tragopan, Ward’s Trogon, Rufous-necked Hornbill, Himalayan Monal, Ibisbill, Wallcreeper and Beautiful Nuthatch, as well as, many mammals and unique flowers. Popular bird watching areas include the lowland forests that lie between Samdrup Jongkhar and Deothang, Trashigang in Eastern Bhutan, the Kori La forests which is rich in mosses and lichen. There is also the Limthang road and the Yongkala campsite which are counted among the top 8 bird watching spots in the world. If you are searching for high-altitude species you can add Pele la pass (4000 m), Thrumshing La (3800 m) or undertake the exhausting hike up to the Tiger's Nest Monastery in Paro. If you don't feel up for the hike, Paro riverside is also an incredible bird-watching spot.


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