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Sound And Light Show Near Western Group Of Temples In Khajuraho

Sound And Light Show Near Western Group Of Temples In Khajuraho

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Khajuraho, in Madhya Pradesh, India is the epitome of Indian art, aesthetic sensibility and rich cultural heritage. The temples are known for their intricate inscriptions and fine architecture. The group of temples in Khajuraho built centuries ago illustrate the rich Indian heritage and artistic culture. Built between 900 to 1130 AD, the temples are known all over the world for their refined artwork, intricate sculpture and ancient erotic art.

The Western group of temples is situated within the Khajuraho Temple complex. It consists of some of the finest temples of the world, rich in artistic value and architectural beauty. Inside the Western complex, you will see Devi Mandap, Varaha Mandap, Lakshman Temple, Kendariya Mahadev Temple, Mahadev Shrine and Devi Jagadambi Temple. 

One of the most popular attractions of the  Khajuraho Temple complex is the sound and light show. This show is curated especially for the purpose of educating tourists about the rich history of Khajuraho. Watching the temples immersed in artificial light is a beautiful sight that you definitely cannot afford to miss. The grandeur of its magnificent architecture looks even more glorious during the light show. The show is accompanied by sound as well. It is mainly a commentary to acquaint the tourists with the historical background, art, myths and stories surrounding Khajuraho. The sound show is conducted in two languages, Hindi and English. 

The sound and light show takes place in the evening, after sunset. Thousands of tourists come to Khajuraho every year, both national and international. Keeping that in mind, the first part of the sound and light show is conducted in English, and the second part is conducted in Hindi. Tourists can choose either of the shifts depending on their own convenience. The show runs throughout the year, every day, apart from a few exceptions. During monsoon, the show remains suspended. In the month of February, Khajuraho Temple complex organizes Khajuraho Dance Festival, owing to which the sound and light show remains closed. 

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  • October to February: 18:30 Hrs. to 19:25 Hrs. (English) and 19:40 Hrs. to 20:35 Hrs. (Hindi)
  • March to September: 19:30 Hrs. to 20:25 Hrs. (English) and 20:40 Hrs. to 21:35 Hrs. (Hindi) 

Entry Fee:

Visitors need to buy tickets to watch this show. The entry fee for Indian adults is Rs. 250, and for international tourists it is Rs. 700. 

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