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Trek To Achnar Pahar With Cycling In Khajuraho

Trek To Achnar Pahar With Cycling In Khajuraho

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Khajuraho, in the state of Madhya Pradesh, is an extremely popular tourist destination for its world-famous temples that have some of the most intricate carvings on the walls. The architectural grandeur of the series of temples and the carvings compel people from all over the world to visit the Khajuraho. But the place has more than just temples. 

A few kilometres away from Khajuraho is the Achnar Pahar. Pahar in English translates to a hill. A trekking and cycling expedition on Achnar Pahar is one of the most fulfilling experiences in Khajuraho. The lush green scenery and breathtaking views are sure to leave you spellbound. The thrill and adventure of the trek will make you relive the experience over and over again. The trek to Achnar Pahar serves as a nice little change of taste from the ancient relics of Khajuraho. 

A little bit of cycling from the starting point and then a bit of trekking will lead you right to the mesmerising Achnar Pahar. The hill houses a small village at the top. Apart from that, you will also get to see the ruins of old temples and water tanks that are very old. More than anything, the sole experience of the trekking adventure is a thing to remember. 

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•8 AM: The adventure starts bright and early. We start our journey right from the meeting point. From the start to the end, the cycling trail lasts for about 7 kilometres.

11 AM: After we reach our trekking point, we change modes. We get down from our cycles and the trek starts from thereon. The trek continues for another 3 kilometres.

12 PM: After reaching the top of the Achnar Pahar, you can have lunch and gorge on some delicacies. The lunch is available on direct payment. After that, enjoy the breathtaking scenery from the top of the hill. 

Thereupon we trek down and then we cycle to return back to our starting point. 


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