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The charming border town of Phuentsholing is located on the India-Bhutan border, adjacent to the Indian town of Jaigaon. Lying on the foothills, this town has historically thrived at the confluence of three diverse cultures - Indian, Nepalese and Bhutanese culture. This diversity is reflected in the structure and build of the town as well. Hence it is known as one of the lesser-known gems that the land of the Thunder Dragon has to offer.

For many who enter Bhutan via road, this will be their gateway into the postcard-perfect Himalayan kingdom.

Phuentsholing is not like other more busy cities in Bhutan, for instance, Thimphu or Paro. Time moves here at a very slow pace. Yet it holds its own strange beauty.

There are nearly 8 must-see spots in Phuentsholing. Of these, some of the most prominent are Bhutan Gate, Zangto Pelri Lhakhang, Zhangto Pelri Park, Torsa riverside and Torsa Tea gardens. However, an offbeat yet equally spectacular spot is the Phuentsholing viewpoint or the Peeple Drangra.  On fogless days with a clean, bright blue sky the viewpoint will provide excellent views of not only the town but also the Bengal plains stretching into far away from India. The billowing Himalayan foothills and the gently flowing Torsa river frame the scenery in the most impressive setup. No wonder the sport is so popular with photographers! In fine weather, Phuentsholing and the surrounding border towns can be fitted into a single frame.

It is located on the same altitude as 'Rinchending Goemba' or 'The temple on precious Hill'. Both are easily accessible and are located at little distance from each other. Due to the ongoing development project on the Torsa river, the viewpoint has become the next popular spot with campers.

So if you are tired of the noise and bustling crowds of the town, make sure you visit the viewpoint for a bit of serenity.

Location: approx 20 minutes from Phuentsholing hospital

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