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Himalayan life simple but hard. And nothing displays this better than the straightforward but delicious cuisine of Bhutan. The land of the Thunder Dragon is famous for many things. Misty mountains, majestic valleys, spectacular panoramas, lush forests, gushing rivers-

yet, it's food remains a mystery to many.

Hardcore foodies and the most enthusiastic culture vultures will be hard-pressed to name popular Bhutanese dishes. Unravel this mystery of salts and spices by taking a culinary tour to Bhutan. Begin a love affair with spices through the table as vibrant with dishes as new year celebrations.


The Bhutanese people have a deep reverence for tradition and culture. This is displayed in their cuisine as well. Local ingredients, simple cooking techniques, generation-old recipes- all these are a major fixture of the Bhutanese culture.

Maybe because of its close connections to India or maybe because of the cold climate, Bhutanese food tends to use a lot of spices. However, tasting this food is not the only activity of a culinary tour. Culinary tours, especially one in Bhutan, will teach you how to make these recipes, source local ingredients, try traditional cooking methods and understand Bhutan's food history. With modernisation, Bhutanese food has also evolved. This means along with the conventional recipes you will also learn a fusion of Indo-Bhutanese food traditions. A Culinary tour is different than any other kind of tour. It is unique in the sense that it allows you to carry back home more than just memories. You carry back with yourself knowing that goes back to hundreds of years. You carry back a piece of tradition that has been carefully preserved across generations. If learning to cook dishes as em datshi, momos, phaksha paa, Jasha Maru, suja tea, and are doesn't appeal to you; consider the other experiences you will have. Living in warm rustic homestays, exploring quaint villages, interacting with locals, soaking in the panoramic valleys and forests - nothing will give you the opportunity to deep dive into the culture of Bhutan like this trip will. So what are you waiting for? Contact us at Special Holidays for Culinary Bhutan tour especially handcrafted for you.

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