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Hyderabad-the city of pearls is an extremely beautiful city to visit. It has some of the most captivating landscapes that leave one mind blown. It has some of the spectacular forts, monuments, palaces which are the best attractions of the city. It is the city that is a perfect blend of ancient royal monuments to ultra modern technological constructions. Hyderabad is rightly called as the city of unity because of its diversity and hence it is a perfect place to be at during your trip. It is associated with a lot of history and rich ancient heritage take deserves everyone’s while. It is home so some of the spectacular monuments that attract tourists from all over the world. Few such monuments are the Charminar and the Badshahi Ashurkhana. There is no possibility that one wouldn’t get a glimpse of Charminar as soon as they hear about Hyderabad, the history and the beauty that it has is as such. Charminar is the emblem of Telangana which has been constructed in the year 1591. A day at Charminar gives you the opportunity to witness the most royal sight that transports you back to another era. If you’re touring around Charminar gives you a festive vibe all throughout the year with the busy roads, colourful stalls, vibrant lights and most importantly the Charminar. Another monument that is worth watching as a part of your tour is the Badshahi Asurkhana which is a place of worship for the Muslims during their important festival of Moharram. The most instructing fact about this place is that it is a heritage site and so there are a lot of things one can discover as a part of this tour. The best way to explore these wonderful places is on foot, an evening enjoying the sunset catching the glimpses of these architectures during the golden hour, clicking pictures of the gorgeous architectures and exploring the lip smacking street food in and around these places.


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