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Folk Heritage Museum Of Bhutan

Folk Heritage Museum Of Bhutan

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Bhutan has no dearth of museums and galleries for culture enthusiasts. National Museum of Bhutan, National library of Bhutan, National Institute of Traditional Arts, these are just some of the popular culture hotspots of the country. However, the most incredible museum among these is undoubtedly the Folk Heritage Museum of Bhutan.

Located in the most shrouded capital of Thimphu, the folk heritage aims to connect visitors with the rich traditions, age-old lifestyles, folk heritage and rural history through exhibits, demonstrations,  educational programs and documentaries.

Bhutanese culture places a lot of emphasis on living with natural harmony. There is an alpine type of vegetation in Bhutan with the forest containing many species of trees such as oak, rhododendron, cypress, juniper, pine and for. Thus, timber is available in plentiful. This is why wood is a common construction material used in all most all types of Bhutanese architecture - from humble cottages to royal palaces. This has been reflected in the architecture of the museum as well. At the heart of the Museum itself are a restored three-storied, traditional rammed mud and timber house. It dates back to the mid-18th century house, the design and form of the house are those of an average household in the Wang (present-day Thimphu) area during that era. In the courtyard of the museum, you will find all the implements used in a traditional Bhutanese home. This includes plough, yoke, ox-drawn wooden plough, thrasher[korbji], rolled bamboo mat for drying grain and vegetables etc. The ground floor displays equipment used for storing manure, paddy and tending to sick animals. The second floor has exhibits that show how agricultural products are stored whereas the third floor is a model of a typical rural Bhutanese house. Finally, the backyard area has a display of a hot stone bath and through the final exit, you can visit the Folk Museum shop to buy souvenirs to take back home or lunch in the incredible Folk Museum restaurant. 

Location: Thimphu, Bhutan

Timings: 9 AM – 5 PM


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