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Trekking. Rafting. Hiking. Camping. Bhutan has no dearth of options for adventure enthusiasts. However, why limit yourself to these tried and tested activities when Bhutan has much more for you to explore?

Along with white water rafting or trekking, Bhutan also has excellent options for Rock Climbing. Novices generally tend to confuse rock climbing with mountaineering. There are various types/styles of rock climbing but most of them involve climbing up, down or across natural rock formations or artificial rock walls. Contrast this with mountaineering that solely involves ascending mountains. Rock Climbing is relatively easier than mountaineering but it is a very arduous and demanding sport. It is a sport where a person’s endurance, physical strength, agility and mental balance are tested during the climb.

The activity was made popular in the Himalayan kingdom by the Vertical Bhutan Climbing Club in 1988. It also provides training and climbing sessions crafted to every skill level. Here you will get climbing equipment, training, and field guidance. The best place to pursue this activity is The Nose, a natural climbing rock that is located right outside of Thimpu. It offers safely bolted thirteen climbing routes of lengths ranging from 12 meters to 27 meters and difficulty levels ranging in between 4B and 7B i.e. moderate to challenging. Seven are Intermediate Routes, four are Experienced Routes and one is Expert Route with the average height being 17 meters. The route called “Friends No More” is an unconventional and less traversed route. The best Time To Visit is from March through May or from September through November.

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