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Prepare to feel the quintessence of Riverston, found around 30 km from the Matale town. Get got from your inn in Kandy and initiate your investigation by 8:30 AM in the first part of the day subsequent to coming to Riverston and appreciate the view until it is sunset. Visit the two extraordinary cascades of Riverston "Sera Ella" and "Bambarakiri Ella which will get revived and restored. Leave on a 4 KM trek along the Sera Ella cascades and going through the excellent thick woodland.

Fallout, appreciate a lip-smacking lunch and continue to appreciate a photography meeting in Pitawala Pathana trail and witness the excellence of the environment. At around 5.30 PM at night, end your outing and head back to Kandy by getting dropped off to your individual inn.

The Riverston Peak in Sri Lanka can be reached by voyaging, about 30km away from the Matale town, down the Matale – Girandurukotte Road. This cryptic breezy street, with its sharp fastener turns, offers probably the best perspectives to the encompassing open country; to the degree that it is known as the Mini World's End. In spite of the fact that it is exceptionally well known among local people, the zone is nearly obscure among standard sightseers. In this manner, the territory presents the normal magnificence of Sri Lanka; new, green and unpolluted by merchants, visitors, trash and unattractive structures.


With atmospheres fundamentally the same as the Hortons Plains, where the World's End is found, Riverston trek additionally offers two smooth cascades Sera Ella and Bambarakiri Ella. Sera Ella additionally has some strategically placed stone seats from which a guest can appreciate the reviving virus splash of hazy beads. The close by freshwater stream, Thelgamu Oya, can be utilized for a snappy cooling plunge or even only an invigorating sprinkle previously or after a long challenging trek.


The trek is around over two kilometers one way, and shouldn't take in excess of a sound hour or two and no more. It runs an area known as the Pittawala Paththana and prompts the Riverston Peak. The wide open along the trek have perspectives on the terraced paddy fields, one of a kind to some bumpy districts far and wide, and that of the delightful green Central Highlands.


The Riverston Peak includes a sheer 300m drop to staggering dim perspectives on the close by the Knuckles Mountain Range and Thelgamu stream valley. The top, with its serene and delightful environment, is additionally an incredible spot to think and unwind on your vacation to Sri Lanka. The Riverston trek is an extraordinary open door for nature darlings and picture takers who need a couple of stunning snaps.


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