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Rafting In Mo Chu River In Bhutan

Rafting In Mo Chu River In Bhutan

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Bright azure blue skies. The sounds of gushing waterfalls. Lush green valley. Punakha, located in western Bhutan is your postcard-perfect Himalayan paradise. It is very popular with campers, hikers and trekkers but these aren't the only activities you can do these. This valley is also famous for rafting in the milky-white Mo Chu river, along whose banks it is located. The sounds of the gushing Mo Chu, the high rapids and the sight of the seemingly frail raft might terrify a someone who is doing it for the first time. But fret not! One gets a hang of the sport quite easily and quickly. And once you understand it, it is the most satisfying recreational activity ever. The additional benefit of rafting in the Mo Chu is the panorama. With the verdant forests of the valley spread out on both your sides, Mo Chu soaks you not only into the waters of its rapids but also into the sights and sounds of its forests.

As you float downstream, making your way through the tumbling rapids, you can enjoy 360° views of the valley around you. Forget Jungle safaris, hiking and other tried and tested ways of exploring the valley. This is an exhilarating new method to explore the secrets that these mountains have to uncover. However, please note that this is a slightly difficult journey, hence not suitable for children under 5 or older adults. The cost of a raft for 6-8 adults is 200$. For Indians, it is around 1500INR to 2700INR. Other memorable sights of the valley include its various monasteries dating back at least to the 15th century. One of the more popular ones is the majestic Punakha Dzong, the old capital and royal residence. If you do not wish to miss out on the unbelievable beauty of Punakha, visit our website today to know more about special travel packages to Bhutan.

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