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Pune is famous not only for its historical places but also for its local food items. Discover the famous typical Maharashtrian cuisines in Pune. So wear your walking shoes and discover the famous cuisines on a food tour.

Basundi in Mandai

Tulshi Baug in Pune is a popular destination not only for tourists from Maharashtra but also from other states. Shopping in Tulshibaug is a special interest of women. Going a little further from Tulshibage, there is a Mahatma Phule Mandai with Pune ornaments. This is the 'Ray Market' of the British era. On the initiative of Acharya Atre when he was a member of NMC, this 'Ray Market' was renamed as Mahatma Phule Mandai.

The architectural style and beauty of this historical heritage building immediately catches the eye. There are two great places to eat in the Mandai and Tulshibaug areas. Basundi's shop is 'Shrikrishna Misal' in Tulshibaug and 'Gopal Vihar' in Mandai. These places are a must visit.

The specialty of Shrikrishna Misli is the reddish, bitter gravy with a pungent taste. Moreover, while enjoying the misli, the local onion bhaji and shira are unknowingly ordered. Gopal Vihar near the parking building in Mandai is another place to get Basundi.

Nowadays, in almost all places, basundi is made on machines. The specialty of Gopal Vihar is that the basundi is traditionally prepared on a coal stove. This work has been going on in the same manner for years. This basundi, which is made on a grate, is very thick and slightly pink in color. Due to the milk being boiled on the grate, the taste of this basundi is unique.

Century Tradition: Vaidya Misal

Tourists visit three or four places in central Pune, such as the rich Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati, Shaniwarwada, Kasba Ganpati and Lal Mahal. Phadke Houd Chowk starts from here and the 'Vaidya Restaurant' near this chowk is an amazing place to get a mix. Known as Vaidya Misal, this hotel is directly reminiscent of old Pune.

Vaidya Misli has a tradition of more than a hundred years. The traditional style of the hotel is an old wooden table, marble floor, old twisted mirrors, wooden cupboards. Onion poha, matki usal, potato bhaji, thick crunchy shave, onion and gravy are the ingredients of this mixture. The gravy made for medicinal mix is ginger and this thin ginger gravy is given as much as you want. Sheva is also very famous here.

Food fair in Madrasi street

Rasta Peth, Somwar Peth in Pune is a multilingual residential area. Southern churches also pay more in this area. Therefore, naturally, the roads and streets in this area are called Madrasi streets. In this Madrasi alley, the food carts of the southern congregations start arriving from half past six in the morning and then the idlis are made in the idli pot.

The chirping of water on the tawa, the noise starts and the cars start getting crowded for breakfast. The artisans on the carts then start pouring a lot of dosa and uthappa on the tawa. Large and yet light Idlis are available on the trains here, Appe is available and crispy Dosa, Kanda Uttappa, Meduvada are also available here.

Besides, like other hotels, the charge for chutney and sambar is different. There is no such thing here. As soon as you get the dish, Anna gives you as many sambar and chutney as you want in your dish as many times as you want. Idli or Meduvada is a dish with sambar on it and chutney on it.

Moreover, since all the items cost between Rs. 20 and Rs. 40, having a hearty breakfast is not very expensive. Parathas of various flavors, puri bhaji, bhaji, batatevade, chhole bhature etc. are available on the carts and there is a good crowd throughout the day to enjoy them.

 Nectar-like for tea

lovers 'Nectar-like' for tea lovers is also a traditional place of Pune. The first nectar in Lakshmi Road is the first nectar in Pune. It started in 1926.

The situation in Pune is that there is no substitute for the steaming nectar-like tea made by adding crushed ginger. To satisfy the craving for tea, one has to resort to nectar. The design of these hotels, the method of making the tea and the taste have not changed in the last seventy-eight years.

Congregations from the Shrimali community who came to Pune from Rajasthan for charitartha started this nectar. Dave, Ojha, Joshi, Trivedi, Thakur are in this business. Amruttulya is a place for Punekars to chat or chat.

 Shrikhand of twelve tastes in 'Ajantha'

Ajanta, a sweet shop on the Shastri Road leading from Alka Cinema to Navi Peth, is also a wonderful place. For those who are fond of sweets along with chili, you can get one to one dishes here.

Idli Sambar in Ajanta is an unforgettable dish. There is a big difference between the sambar of southern taste and the sambar here. This sambar is made by burning cilantro in it while making fodani. While eating steamed idli and turdali sambar, you can order a sev here and spread the sev on the idli sambar.

Spicy potato is also famous here. Another specialty of Ajanta is the variety of flavors available here. In Ajanta, you can find different flavors like cardamom, pineapple, saffron, butterscotch, and pistachio. Besides, the cooked roses here are also cool. 

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