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Pushkar is one of the most spectacular cities to be at. This city is situated in the Ajmer district of Rajasthan. Every corner looks divine and holy. It is a place which has numerous temples in every lane of the city. The aromas of Agarbattis, holy chants, bells ringing in the temples all of these things intensify the beauty of Pushkar. This is the city with a lot of history. There many facts and stories associated with it that are worth everyone’s while. There are a lot of breathtaking landscapes in this place that just captivates the tourists. Pushkar has a number of ancient temples that have a lot of history associated with it and many more marvellous sculptures and architectures. It is surrounded by beautiful mountains on three sides and also has beautiful Pushkar Lake. The world’s only Brahma temple is situated in Pushcart and is one of the must visit places. It is a perfect representation of India’s culture and that is the main attraction of this place. This also a great place for adventure lovers, with a number of activities like trekking and it is the best way to explore this city.

This city is filled with surprises and magic and hence every lane has something unique to find. One of the amazing things about this place is the lip smacking food. Pushkar is home for some authentic foods. Even though there are a lot of cuisines available still the traditional food is most loved. Because of the divinity, it is associated with, meat is strictly prohibited here, yet the food here is accepted exceptionally well by the tourists. Traditional foods like poha, lassi, chaat are an absolute gatronomical delight. Out of the many others there are few best dishes you need to try and so here you go

These are the top 5 food items that you must try locally:

  1. Papdi chaat
  2. Sweet lassi
  3. Traditional chole served with kulcha
  4. Dal Bati Churma
  5. Ghevar

Don’t forget to get your hands on them the next time you are in Pushkar and this is the best way to get the most of a trip to Pushkar.


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