Looking for the perfect heritage tourist experience allows you to draw up a list of things that you want to do and see. It lets you choose. It allows you the freedom of visiting and knowing places that genuinely interest you.

  • If you are looking for that perfect offbeat heritage land, there are plenty of such places in India. A country as culturally diverse and rich as India has many things to offer, and many things that once were culturally important have been lost in the sands of time. Not anymore. With us, you can choose to visit any place that you wish.
  • Accompanied by local tour guides who are experts in the local history and quite adept at finding their way around, you can never go wrong. You will be introduced to a local angle to the historical significance of a place or a monument, that can be quite interesting.
  • With heritage experiences, you get to taste different foods from around the place. You get the original preparations and the original tastes of the locally made food, which will, of course, taste different from the same dishes sold commercially in other cities. It’s especially appealing to foodies.
  • We are Exotic Luxury Holiday, India’s largest Luxury Tour Operator, Luxury Tour Service Provider, and Luxury Tour Advisor of Luxury Travel and Luxury Holidays. With our years of experience catering to customers like you, we have made a name for ourselves in the market. With us, you can experience an intangible heritage experience that will remain etched in your memory forever. Our personalized cultural heritage experience is bound to leave you stupefied, whether you are a solo traveler or family-man. With us, you can book your tickets to that perfect heritage land for an offbeat experience. Travel through the heritage corridors of India steeped in history, ably accompanied by our experienced chaperones. Cap it off by experiencing the delectable local cuisine to get a full taste of our rounded Indian heritage experience.

    All our cultural heritages tours are carried out in a homely manner, where we ensure you get the maximum exposure. You get lodgings with locals and food is usually served by them, so that you get a feel of all things local.


    If you are looking for an experiential and exceptional Luxury with the finest in it than PURE LUXURY HOLIDAY is for you for a PURE LUXURY ESCAPE.

    You can book a heritage tour with us on our website specialholidays.com/luxuryescapes or you can call into our office. Food and lodgings are all taken care of in your package.

    We are present all over India, and we conduct tours all over India. One tour with us and you are guaranteed to keep coming back for more. So come join us for a taste of your own heritage!

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