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One thing that we know about Nepal is that the country has some amazing spirituality and sacredness to itself. Along with this, there are many mythological stories that carry out and many believe it too.

The story of Trishuli River is no different. Trishuli River’s name itself has been derived from the word ‘Trishul’ which is the trident of Lord Shiva. It is considered as one of the most powerful weapons that exist in the world according to the beliefs of Hinduism. The story follows that Lord Shiva drove his Trishul to create three springs which became the source of the river and hence it was name Trishuli after the trident.

You can understand the religious significance of this place in the past. Well, in the present to this river has a lot of significance and it is a very popular site for river rafting. A huge crowd of people gathers here every now and then to raft at the river of Trishuli.

The rafting can be done from anywhere from 1 to 3 days on a stretch of 15-60 km. The rafting at the river Trishuli is one of the safest yet most fun rafting activities available. The river faces a few exciting rapids but not too much that would make the rafters feel scared or anxious.

The entire rafting journey takes you to places. You come across mountains and their scenic beauties. You will also come across some villages, their traditions and the hospitality that the place offers. You will come across some amazing rock formations and scenic wonders that will make you question your eyes and feel astonished at the same time.  

Guided by the best experts and planned by the best agencies, the rafting ride is really one hell of an experience that you deserve. One thing that is guaranteed is that you will return with satisfaction on your faces with the beautiful journey amidst the river Trishuli with your loved ones.


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