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Amazing River Cruises in India

Amazing River Cruises in India

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These days, India is becoming a central location for luxury cruises and luxury solo travels. River cruise in India is all extremely stunning since they provide travelers with an excellent chance equal to none to discover the amazing geography of the location. River cruises are an exploding sector of the relaxation travel industry. This has become crazily popular with advance reservations coming in at a fast pace. There are numerous distinctive river cruises to select from and river cruise in India has high-tech ships, comfortable guest cabins, excellent dining and ethnically inspiring tours. Also, it is an excellent option for romantic travelers.

River cruise – Helps you delight in nature!

River cruising is actually a unique way of traveling and it is simply like experiencing the human life in the slow lane, where the speed level is gentle with no disturbances but nature all around with plenty of opportunities to travel around riverside towns and cities all through the way. It is an extremely calming feeling in natural surroundings, away from the mechanical life with high-quality food and pleasurable company. With small-sized ships and travel plans that take travelers to very big cities and through wonderful landscapes, river cruise in India offers a pleasurable experience to cherish for the lifetime. But before going for it, you need to research a little and you will then realize that though sea cruise options are certainly limited in India, there are numerous other river cruises options available for you. Listed here are some best options for you.

Goa cruises

Goa is the very first option when you examine the list of river cruises in India. The abundant options available in Goa cruises will make you delight in both sea cruises and river cruises. River cruises in Goa are often done on the Mandovi River and it offers you plenty of options. You can relish in a daytime cruise or enjoy the loveliness of the sundown cruise. Full moon cruise options are also available for those who want to soak in the lustrous grey beauty of the moon while travelling through the Mandovi River.

Andaman Cruises

The attractiveness of Andaman and Nicobar Islands spells an attraction on everyone. The tourists to visit Andaman in only limited but the loveliness of the place still remains the same. Andaman cruise is one of the wonderful options to relish in the spectacular beauty that will take you to the attention-grabbing island. Andaman cruises operate from many different locations including Kolkata, Chennai and Vizag. You can immediately book yourself a trip with Special Holidays on board Andaman cruise for an exhilarating holiday in advance.

Kerala Backwater Cruise

Kerala Backwater cruise comes with different options for the travelers and offers cruising experience on its astonishing backwaters that are a network of lakes, canals, estuaries and lagoons. Kettuvalams is the main transportation method they use along with houseboats and they act as home to travelers who want to admire and explore the adventurous places of the state. When sailing through backwaters, you will get to observe the natural beauty of the state and also perceive the culture and lifestyle of the people living there. Kerala Backwater cruise has gotten huge popularity amongst tourists and so travelers come down to India simply to delight in Kerala Backwater cruise.

Brahmaputra and Ganga river cruise

These are the two of the most powerful rivers of India that has a huge population of the country and offer you excellent options to take pleasure on a cruise trip. You can enjoy the immense Brahmaputra River and discover the wide-ranging wildlife of Assam including Gangetic dolphins and broad forms of Ganges. Bengal cruises start from Kolkata and move in the north side in river Hooghly and it goes further. Sailing through these areas will certainly take you to the new spiritual world that you cherish for your lifetime.

Sunderbans Cruise

These are the mysterious rivers around the Sunderbans and you should explore the beauty of the place immediately. You can sail through these places in a most luxurious way by taking one of the most amazing River cruises in India. The Sunderbans cruise takes you to the beautiful and pristine beaches, creeks (natural stream of water) and Sunderbans Island, spotted with prosperous flora and fauna for the explorer.

Mangalore Cruise

Mangalore is an excellent place that offers you magnificent cruises that will simply take your breath away. This particular location is an all-time favorite for cruise lovers, because it is an ideal and distinctive blend of jungle cruises and see Rivers. This location is quite incredible that you don’t see every day. A long cruise is a wonderful option for a fast getaway and the opportunity to discover the mystifying beauty and magnetism of the oceans in addition.

Chilika Lake Cruise

Chilika Lake Cruise is an astounding ride and it will be a cool and charming trip. While sailing through Chilika lake cruise, you will get to discover a wide range of migratory birds like waterfowl, cranes etc. Also, if you make a stopover at Rajahamsa beach, you can view numerous dolphins there and the starting place for the cruise is at Mangalajodi. The ticket fare is not a fixed one and you can negotiate for it.

Dibru – Saikhowa River Cruise

Dibru Saikhowa is a beautiful area surrounded by grasslands and flooded waters, positioned in between the well-known Dibru and Brahmaputra rivers towards the east side of Assam. This region is, in fact, a scenic and lively patch of earth and this location are renowned for dolphins in the Gangetic river, lots of migratory birds, orchids and wild horses etc. Cruising through Dibru – Saikhowa River will take you to numerous incredible views, with a chill climate and pleasurable amusement on board. The trip will make a cool and peaceful joyride and offer enough time to delight in the excellent atmosphere. If you go for a romantic trip, it will certainly be an awesome getaway.

Yanam River Cruise

Yanam River is an indispensable tributary of the Godavari River that passes through stunning scenic locations and travelling on this river cruise will make you enjoy the extraordinary surroundings. During a day trip to this location, you can see stunning villages of fishermen on both the banks with the arrangement of gorgeous coconut trees and luxuriant greenery of backwaters. After the noontime, the cruise travels through the meeting of the river with the Bay of Bengal and offers a magnificent view of a combination of grey and greenish blue waters. In addition, you can roam around the beach in the sand with numerous red crabs moving here over there.

Lakshadweep River Cruise

This is one of the most elegantly beautiful destinations in India. Also, Lakshadweep is home to amazing natural bounties and perfect landscapes with incredibly beautiful blue waters and grand white sandy beaches.

A river cruise in India is an excellent way to travel around this logistically intricate nation, mainly when paired with a tour of the Golden Triangle cities. Whatever you choose, be it the holy Ganges or the wild Brahmaputra, your river cruise in India is sure to open your eyes and make your world view bigger. River cruising in India is still in its infancy, but it is catching on with those who have sailed the established waterways in Europe and Asia and are looking for different destinations. It is also increasingly popular with travellers who have not cruised before but who want to see rural India – as well as the tourist hot spots of New Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.

Benefits of river cruising

Whether you are a first-time traveler, or you experienced many, there is something more you should know about river cruising. It is an excellent alternative to traditional cruising and provides a totally different view of the places and countries that you visited on the ship with an internal and casual ambiance. When you think of the places where these river cruises are of great fun, you probably wish to take some more time to view and observe the sites, local and the culture of the places. The slow motion of the ship on the water is something different on a river when compared the ocean cruise and it is less likely to make hassle to someone who may be prone to movement illness.

Compact ships

River cruise ships are a little bit smaller than ocean cruise ships because they, sometimes, have to travel through shallow and risky waters of a domestic waterway. Also, it should not be confused with barging (flat-bottom boat) in which passengers need to float on a barge in synthetic canals. This is because with a power-driven cruise ship you can travel around a country through natural rivers and many waterways. River cruise ships usually accommodate about two hundred people even though it is smaller in size.

Casual and flexible

This kind of cruising is very much casual and comfortable and, in many cases, it doesn’t require you to wear a life jacket or suit coat. Seating is usually open, and it gives you a golden chance to dine with many different people of many different cultures every night. You can eat whatever and whenever you want and in the company of whom you wish to dine with and this is the ultimate sophistication in a banquet.

Relaxed travel

A river cruise travels at a moderate speed and let travelers’ value and relish in the passing landscape. This moderate speed lets the ship’s ambiance to feature a comparatively slower pace and a relaxed environment that you can enjoy. The frenetic pace of activity on an ocean cruise doesn’t exist on a river cruise, thus, makes it an extremely relaxing way to relax in a particular country.

View the country personally

This kind of cruising lets you have a distinctive and personal view of the countries you wish to stopover for your vacation. This river cruising will take you to the exterior of the cities that are classic stopping points and let you travel around the countryside that replicates the exact culture of the place and the people. This includes stopovers in some towns and smaller villages, where you can freely mingle with the people and take pleasure in a distinctive cultural experience.

Luxurious service

A slower pace with cool ambiance does not mean that river cruising lacks in sophistication and luxurious service. A river cruise ship does carry a small number of passengers and so the team can provide outstandingly personal service, catering to your every single need or desire. But they don’t have a huge array of bars, amusement facilities and another nighttime diversion (theatres, nightclub) and tend to be calmer softened. But you can have access to many pleasurable and recreational activities that are available in all kinds of ships.

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