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Andaman is one of the best destinations that one would visit. It is the most beautiful place with white sand beaches, coral reeves, blue clear seas that is worth everyone’s time. It just captivates you with its spectacular landscape; it looks exactly out of a painting. It the most visited destination for the honeymoon couples and it feels like there is true love in the air. There are so many activities that one could indulge in and have a spectacular holiday. Andaman is a group of spectacular islands, out of which the Chidiya Tapu is a small bird island a part of Andaman. Chidiya Tapu is one of the best habitats for a large number of birds and hence it is one of the top attractions. Visiting this place will take you very close to nature. Nothing can comfort one better than nature, and hence it the most soothing and comforting place.

We are all busy with our fast paced lives, living far away from feeling and sensing the nature. But imagine at this place, under a blue sky by the clear waters feeling the cod breeze bird watching, which is one of the best experiences one could possibly get. For all nature lovers, this is a paradise. There are so many adventure activities which create memories that last for a life time. Some of those are snorkelling, scuba diving, boating, pearl hunting fishing and a lot more. They are the best ways to explore the magnificent underwater life that can change your entire perception towards nature with the perks of adrenalin rush. These adventures give you an opportunity to watch a few of the rarest species that one could never see in a lifetime. The biological park here is another place that you can visit. You can unleash an experience to exploring the woods trekking and exploring the wildlife there. Amongst the canopy of trees, witnessing nature in the purest form is a treat to experience through the trek. And not to forget the magnificent sunrise and sunset that seems whole a lot different from the regular ones and that’s what makes this an exceptional trekking experience.

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