Are the shenanigans of daily life bogging you down? Not finding a helping hand insight? Not to worry!

Behold, the finest private butler and concierge providing service, Pure Luxury Holiday. With hundreds of satisfied customers over a decade, we are the premier butler and concierge providing service in town. Whatever be your need, we have the perfect quintessential butler. We are a brand trusted by hundreds of hotels and restaurants all over the country, and they continue to hold high our flag of excellence.

Why hire a butler or a concierge at all?

  1. A butler is a person conversant with a variety of skills, from man management to cooking, communication skills to technology, pet care to security. The quintessential butler must be a jack of all trades as well as a master of most of them, preferably all.
  2. The presence of a fully-qualified butler not only enhances your social standing; it also multiplies your security level.
  3. Having people over for dinner? Your regular chef down with the flu? Not a very skillful cook yourself? No worries as your fully trained butler are here to save the day! From cooking meals to serving your guests in the most perfect way possible, your butler is bound to be trained in a plethora of skills. You get to utilize every single one of them.
  4. You have to take care of all your household necessities and thus in between your work, it may not always be possible to welcome and greet a guest in the most pleasant way possible. Thankfully, if you have a butler, you have taken care of this aspect already. Not only is your butler a pro in a variety of aspects, but he is also perfectly capable of taking care of your guests and greeting them in the most cordial way possible in your absence.
  5. Your guests have arrived and you will be late? No problem. Your butler is experienced in the art of winery. He can use his skills to serve them the best wine from your cellar and captivate them while you are on your way.

Our butlers and concierges undergo a thorough and meticulous background verification including police verification, and they must at least be high school graduates. We receive many applications and only the creamy layer is chosen for training and service by Pure Luxury Holiday. They are fluent in a minimum of two languages and are thoroughly trained on table manners, dining etiquette, basics of hotel management and customer service. Only the very finest make it through our rigorous training, thus cementing our position as the best. Whether it be your private party or a luxury getaway from the city, our butlers and concierges provide superior service. Our newest venture is into training, promoting and providing private chefs as well, ensuring you get the best taste out of your food, along with a marvelous service.

Note:- We DO NOT do Price Match Promise, WE BETTER IT.

Our services can be booked for a minimum of 24 hours and we provide butlers, concierges, and chefs. We are convinced our service will leave you coming back for more. So come to, India’s largest Luxury Tour Operator, Luxury Tour Service Provider, and Luxury Tour Advisor of Luxury Travel and Luxury Holidays in India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. We are at your service!

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