FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of FAQ we have received at Pure Luxury Holiday. Feel free to contact us if your question is not answered below.

1. Is the price guaranteed?

Yes, we give you the rate as guaranteed with price and service commitment. We don’t change prices in a deal.

2. Why is this trip sold out?

This generally happens when only a few seats or rooms are available for the selected journey and several customers attempt to book the same offer at the same time.

3. Why is it more expensive to travel as a single person?

Higher prices for solo travelers are due to higher accommodation costs, as almost all hotel rooms are set up for two people, who can, therefore, split accommodation costs between them. This also applies to package holidays. It simply wouldn’t be worthwhile for hotels to offer discounts for solo travelers when they could sell the room to two people at the regular rate. You can buy solo vouchers and in the case of no companion than you will have to buy a single supplement.

4. What is the experience actually like?

Pure Luxury Holiday believed and find out every possible way to help you step outside your daily life and explore the world around you while enjoying a comfortable journey. Your tour will focus on cultural diversification and give you the most professional service standards all throughout the trip.

5. What kind of Hotels do you use?

Before booking a hotel for our travelers, our team individually visits it and inspects it. A hotel makes to our checklist when it meets our whole collection of standards for comfort, value, location and that little bit of pinch that can turn a stay into something unique. Finally giving an assurance that all of the accommodations we pick offers good superior facilities of 3 star with a private bath or shower, restaurant, reception, room service. All hotel taxes are included in the price of your tour package.

6. Is it possible to combine two or more of the tours?

Yes, indeed you can. In addition to customizing your tour with our pre- and post-stay extensions and optional excursions, you can also combine multiple tours and experience one amazing adventure. You can even earn significant wonderful discounts when you travel on multiple tours back-to-back with Pure Luxury Holiday. If you are interested in combining multiple tours, contact one of our Tour Consultants anytime and they will help you create your ideal itinerary and let you explore the way you want.

7. How many pieces of luggage should I bring with me? What are the weight limits?

Traveling light is always a good idea yet it depends upon your needs.  We recommend that you bring a maximum of one carry-on bag and one piece of checked luggage.  This makes it much easier to get around and ensures that everyone in the group will have space for transporting luggage on the bus and ensuring you a comfortable and easier journey.

8. Can I choose my own flight itinerary?

Yes definitely we believe giving you everything you wish in these trips and that’s where we give you the liberty and flexibility of choosing your own tour.

9. What if the Trip gets fully booked?

Just because a tour that you dreamt about is sold out doesn’t mean can affect your trip there aren’t a few options for getting you onto the tour of your dreams. If we can make it happen, we will help you in every possible manner. Please call our Tour Consultant and we can try to accommodate your request or let you know about newly added departure dates that might work with your schedule and let you enjoy the trip you wished to choose.

10. How do I buy a voucher?

Click on the “Buy Now” button and follow the instructions. Once your purchase is complete, we’ll charge your credit/debit card and send you an email confirmation with a link to access your voucher. Vouchers are also stored under My Account on the Pure Luxury Holiday website https://www.pureluxuryholiday.com and can be printed at any time. To redeem your voucher, follow the booking instructions on the voucher and be sure to check the fine print for special instructions! If reservations are required, we recommend you call the merchant as soon as possible to get the dates that you want.

11. How do I get a voucher refund?

If the policy on your voucher purchase or hotel reservation allows cancellation or refund, you can cancel it online. Sign in to My Account. Then select My Purchases and click the “Cancel” button for hotels or “Request Refund” button for vouchers. We offer full refunds within 24 hours and more than 30 days of travel whichever is higher, of purchase on most vouchers. Vouchers for date-specific events, vouchers noted as non-refundable and all voucher purchases more than 30 days old are final sale and are not eligible for a refund. For hotel bookings, The cancellation policy will vary depending on the deal and rate booked but you may be able to cancel your reservation online. Sign in to My Account, go to My Purchases, and if your reservation is eligible for cancellation, click the “Cancel” button. We’ll send you a cancellation email as soon as your cancellation is processed.

12. How secure are my credit card and billing information?

Your credit card and billing information are recorded via fully encrypted Secure Socket Layer connection (SSL). This and your other personal information are safe and secure and will only be used for your intended purpose. We comply with industry-leading security and privacy standards. For details, see our full Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

13. Are the prices per person or per night?

Rates shown are always on per person basis and for the complete package.

14. How are the hotels selected?

The travel experts at Pure Luxury Holiday do overall research and shortlist recommended well maintained and reputed hotels after knowing first-hand reviews, visited hotels, getting feedback from industry leaders and then added into our international pool of knowledge. Pure Luxury Holiday further cross-referenced our research with various other sources to ensure quality. But the toughest part including just a handful of hotels at every destination that we truly believe will deliver an exceptional experience to our clients. Our list keeps on growing based on recommendations from our members and deal with experts and services offered by different hotels. We add hotels only which consistently achieve better user rating and fewer or no complaints only.

15. How do I give feedback about my stay?

After your wonderful stay, we’ll email you a short survey exactly 24 hours after your checkout. We sincerely believe in feedbacks that helps us grow and explore in a better way and really want to hear what you loved – or didn’t – about the hotels, package. Your feedback helps other Pure Luxury Holiday members make smart choices about selecting hotels while they are traveling with us. It will also help us determine what properties should or shouldn’t stay in our collection.

16. Cancellation Rules

Cancellation charges are as follows for all the deals except if stated in the relevant offer that the journey is not to cancel and refund of the deal is not possible.

More than 45 days prior to the trip – You get back 90% of the tour price

From 44 days to 29 days prior to the trip – You get back 65% of the tour price

From 28 days to 15 days prior to the trip – You get back 50% of the tour price

Up to 5 days prior to the trip – You get back 0% of the tour price

17. Do you have a referral program?

Yes, we do! Once you’ve booked your first tour with us, you’re eligible and start referring to your friends and family to gain 5%. Each new customer who you refer to ITA will receive 5% off his or her first tour. When they use your referrals for booking their first tour, you’ll receive 5% per referral to use while heading for your next tour or a trip that you are currently booked on if it is before the final payment date. There’s no limit to how many people you can refer, and any referral credit you earn is combinable with current promotions.

Please note: First-time travelers cannot refer to any new traveler who is a member of the same household or who will be an on-tour roommate or a member of the trip.