All of us love a good tour. Who doesn’t? However, most of the times we need to make sacrifices with respect to either time, money or choice as the constraints are inescapable. Right? Wrong.

Introducing to you, Pure Luxury Holiday, India’s largest Luxury Tour Operator, Luxury Tour Service Provider, and Luxury Tour Advisor of Luxury Travel and Luxury Holidays in India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. We are the country’s premier curated travel experiences services and provide curated luxury services and curated experience services all over India. All our tours and experiences are meticulously curated by on-the-field experts with real-life experience, and our experienced curating never goes wrong.

What’s so special about curated live experiences?

  1. Offers you a people-powered platform. It brings together an ensemble of experts to share insights that are usually hidden. It involves locals who can bring out a completely different perspective.
  2. It gives you an opportunity to be an insider and see things from the point of view of the locals and the people of the area you are visiting, rather than a mute spectator who is on the outside.
  3. People get to feast on experiences and not just sightseeing. They get involved with the history, culture, customs, and traditions of the place they visit. They get a taste of what it’s like to belong here, and not just visualise.
  4. You can get experiences according to the places you visit. It can be according to your interests as well. Here, you get a chance to intermix history and gastronomy, culture and tradition, the past and the present and see through your mind’s eye what was and what can be.
  5. You get a first-hand experience of the texture of life in the place your visit.
  6. Get introduced to the local foods and not settle for the same old meals, which gives you a chance to try out different cuisines that are authentic, since such authenticity may not be found anywhere else.

We offer many activities and offer you many instances to choose from. Whatever your taste, we have an answer to satiate your thirst. With us, you have unparalleled curated experiences and unprecedented access all across the city. We offer fine dining, clubbing, restaurant services, and hotel stays, along with a range of other offerings to provide you an awe-inspiring experience. Our specialised curated dining experience is provided at select restaurants throughout the city, where a host of delectable culinary delights awaits to pamper you. Our beautifully curated travel experiences can take you on a trip in your dreams to faraway places simultaneously with your trip in real life. Our travel destinations are selected after a lot of research, and we strive to make the best deal for you.

Note:- We DO NOT do Price Match Promise, WE BETTER IT.

You can book our services at or you can just call our registered office. The travel packages include food and lodgings and the dining experiences include parking and dining. We want you to savour the experience and our service, so leave the details to us, and enjoy the journey!

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