The city and the humdrum getting to you? Growing weary and tired at the extended traffic signals? Wanting a little extra out of life?

Fear not, because we have arrived in town. We are Pure Luxury Holiday, and we guarantee to provide you a starry experience with our overnight adventure camps and night out parties. Our bespoke ranger activities and bespoke luxury camping are tailor-made to suit your needs.

There are many benefits of camping night outs:

  1. When you go camping, you wake up in the midst of nature to the signal of the natural sunlight. It’s the most natural way to wake up and you will feel extremely jovial as a consequence.
  2. Exposure to indoor light negatively impacts melatonin regulation in our body, affecting the quality of sleep, blood pressure, and blood glucose levels. What better way to set it right than a night amidst nature!
  3. The Japanese discovered in ancient times that walking through a forest positively affects your health. They called it ‘shinrin-yoku’. It was discovered that a two-hour walk through the forest lowers blood pressure and pulse rates. It’s the perfect way to restabilize your worn-out body.
  4. A night in the forest can boost immunity levels for up to a week and scale up production of anti-cancer proteins.
  5. A night outside in the forest boosts your ability to think like nothing else.
  6. Stale air slows down your metabolism and leads to a number of complications. It makes us feel lethargic. We tend to overlook this is our busy lives. But a night out camping can fix this and boost metabolism.
  7. A night out camping can leave you refreshed and resuscitated. Whether you want to spend time alone, or you are heading for a night out with your friends, bespoke camping is the ideal way to unwind.

We offer bespoke events and VIP experiences, as well as bespoke wildlife adventures. We are present all over the country and can make the perfect plan according to your needs, requirements, and specifications in any location. Plan a night out with your friends or family and let us serve you. Design and sleep in your own bespoke in our overnight adventure camp designed to thrill you. Our bespoke activities will draw you closer to nature and enlighten the adventurer in you.

Note:- We DO NOT do Price Match Promise, WE BETTER IT.

Our customer-centricity and service is the core value at the centre of our service. We are present all over the country and you can book your adventure with us on, India’s largest Luxury Tour Operator, Luxury Tour Service Provider, and Luxury Tour Advisor of Luxury Travel and Luxury Holidays in India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka or simply call in at our registered office all across the country. With a plethora of packages to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice. Our bespoke plans are made to complement your travel needs. Our package includes entire camping stay, food, and travel to and from the campsite, so we leave you with nothing but the fervent tingle of adventure. So come join us, and let us pursue together that flighty temptress – adventure!

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