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Affiliates of Pure Luxury Holiday can earn 5% commission on all trips made and sold by you. The advantages of becoming affiliates are as follows:

  • Earn flat 5% on packages
  • Access all our promotional materials, including banners, product feeds, and text links
  • The new selection of our in-house composite package
  • Registration is completely free!

How it works

We believe in partnerships for the long term and required truly our valued and loyal visitors.

  1. Promote Pure Luxury Holiday on your website
  2. Your visitors click on the offer of Pure Luxury Holiday
  3. Through a cookie, we register the click
  4. The visitor book a holiday within 30 days
  5. Is automatically registered a sale in your account
  6. Depending on the number of bookings to realize your traffic, you will receive up to 5% commission on your account!

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