Who does not like the offerings of romance? The search for that perfect getaway with our partner for a romantic furlough is something most of us daydream about. But the perfect chances are always taken away from us. An internet search on ‘romantic trips near me’ does not bode satisfactorily.

We are Exotic Luxury Holiday, India’s largest Luxury Tour Operator, Luxury Tour Service Provider, and Luxury Tour Advisor of Luxury Travel and Luxury Holidays. We are the proud providers of the best romantic trips, tailor-made for you and your loved one as per your need. With a rich experience of more than 25 years, we have been helping couples decamp to their perfect and best romantic trip, in any place they choose in India.

Why would you want a romantic trip with the best romantic experiences?

  1. Romantic trips may consist of chocolates and champagne but they are also some of the healthiest trips. When you are on a romantic trip with your loved one, your body releases extra amounts of dopamine, which contributes to your inherent feel-good factor.
  2. Couples on romantic trips also have a decrease in the stress hormone cortisol which aids in lowering stress levels, ensuring that your partner gets the best of you, and you two can frolic about in your happiness like the two lovebirds that you are.
  3. Romantic trips can trigger synthesis and formation of another hormone called oxytocin that makes you go all warm and fuzzy with indulgent feelings towards your partner. Apart from love, triggering of oxytocin can initiate many health benefits, both for the long-term and the short-term.
  4. Studies have found that just being alone with your loved ones on a romantic trip can lower your adrenaline levels, fixing up your wayward homeostasis levels, which ends up rendering balance to your neurochemicals.
  5. Loneliness and staying away from your partner can trigger an increase in cortisol and adrenaline levels and can cause a spike in your anxiety levels. Being whisked away to a romantic holiday with the one you love goes a long way in settling those jittery nerves and rendering new vigour into your life.
  6. Romantic trips cause a spike in the good chemicals in your body and it has been found that couples indulging in regular romantic holidays tend to live longer.

Our luxurious romantic experiences are made for you and just you. Every trip is customised and personalized to provide our clients with the best experience of romance that is so elusive.


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