A gastronome at heart but health concerns bogging you down? Missing out on that perfect meal? Fear not.

We introduce you to Pure luxury Holiday, the latest private dining in Dallas, where you get to get to taste more of life with our award-winning culinary delights, where we introduce you to the ultimate dining experience.

Here you don’t have to sacrifice your meticulously maintained diet, and so you don’t have to look what goes on your plate. Our menus onboard include personalised keto meals that correspond to specially made meal plans for your goals.

What are the advantages of personalised culinary menus?

  1. In case of a personalised menu, it will always cater to your needs. You do not have to necessarily partake in the meal of someone else. You can have your own food according to your needs, goals, and aims. It will be tailor-made to suit your needs.
  2. Your choice of food will not lead to any problems caused by a third party. You will have your own food and it will be aimed at you and no one else.
  3. You can design your menu according to the level of workout you have per week. If your menu is not personalised, it will not be focused as per your needs and you will be deprived of the very best.
  4. With a personalised menu, you can be assured of a diet that takes care of your personalised needs like weight gain or weight loss or even muscle mass gain or loss. It takes into account your fitness regime. It is not easy to achieve without personalisation.
  5. You can have a diet that takes care of and takes into account any allergies or idiosyncrasies that you may have. This would not be possible if not for a personalised diet.

Our food and beverage service may be new, but it has taken the entirety of Dallas by storm and will make you our instant fan as well. The first of its kind in the southern United States, we offer you a perfect mix of the superiority of taste and the wholesome goodness of your diet-chart food, so that finally, you do not have to choose a side in this eternal battle. Our personalised menus are the jewel in our crown and have been prepared after months of research with the top chefs and physicians in town and we have come up with the ultimate menu to cater to everyone.

Our chefs are unique culinary marvels in their own right, and they whip up a meal that suits your taste buds and your calorie count in no time.

Note:- We DO NOT do Price Match Promise, WE BETTER IT.

You can get your reservations done at specialholidays.com/luxuryescapes, India’s largest Luxury Tour Operator, Luxury Tour Service Provider, and Luxury Tour Advisor of Luxury Travel and Luxury Holidays in India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka or you can just drive down here with family and friends to taste a slice of our gamut of gastronomical delights that are bound to make you coming back for more! We’re open!

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