Feeling stressed out by the rigours of daily life? The rat race beginning to get to you? The shenanigans of life pulling you down? Fear not, we have just the perfect getaway planned for you.

Why go for a nirvana experience tour

  1. Caught up in the daily struggles of life, we often forget to unwind and relax. More often than not, we begrudge our body and mind the stress-free living it deserves. Such an experience allows you to forget your worldly troubles for the time being and bathe in the waters of relaxation and rejuvenation.
  2. An escape into nirvana regulates your melatonin levels and controls your blood pressure, lowers your glucose levels and your pulse rates. It leaves you reinvigorated and gets you ready to face the rigours of life once again.
  3. The tranquillity associated with such trips are very good for your adrenaline and cortisol levels and they are lowered as you enjoy a quiet time amidst nature. This leads to a decrease in your anxiety levels and sets your body homeostasis right.
  4. These trips bring out the spiritual seeker in you and give you all the opportunity to get one step closer to bliss and to God.
  5. Taking trips like this in regular intervals of time have been scientifically proven to release healthy chemicals that actually result in extended longevity.
  6. You can bask in the best locations as per your choice and every trip is fully customised to cater to your every single need. In these tours, the banal necessities are all taken care of so that you can sit, back, relax and enjoy a truly enriching experience of nirvana.

We present to you Exotic Luxury Holiday, our nirvana experience tour. Situated in the lap of nature, away from the humdrum of the city and its bustling life, we provide you the ultimate PURE LUXURY ESCAPE.

Our services can be booked via website specialholidays.com/luxuryescapes/, India’s largest Luxury Tour Operator, Luxury Tour Service Provider, and Luxury Tour Advisor of Luxury Travel and Luxury Holidays or call our registered offices. Our tours are bound to leave you reeling and wanting more. We are easy to reach and are well connected by rail, road, and flights. Package includes your stay and food, and you will be treated to all the modern amenities of the 21st century, where we ensure that being closer to nature does not deprive you of your needs. So, without further ado, let us take you on a journey where you forget all your worries and you can have all the time in the world to discover yourself and nirvana. Come, visit us. Come, experience nirvana!

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