Luxury is something that everyone deserves, everyone runs after, but something not everyone gets. Luxury has always been an elusive temptress. A quick internet search on ‘Luxury experiences in India may not suit the price of the average traveller. But not anymore.

With our Exotic Luxury Holiday services, India’s largest Luxury Tour Operator, Luxury Tour Service Provider, and Luxury Tour Advisor of Luxury Travel and Luxury Holidays. We guarantee the best in class luxury services with absolutely the best prices possible. With us, a luxury experience is no longer a luxury, but just the perfect holiday you deserve.

Why go for luxury experiences?

  1. Luxury can be defined as something that money cannot buy. It’s an experience and as such cannot always be bought, it must rather be felt.
  2. A luxury experience is something that will longer overlong with you. It’s something that you can get used to in a very short time, and its intoxication is very hard to wear off.
  3. With a truly luxury experience, some facets of your stay will be taken care of like nowhere else. The first and foremost is the question of security. With a luxury experience, you can easily and comprehensively forget the security of your family and belongings, as they will inadvertently be taken care of.
  4. Staying in a luxury package at a hotel enables you to make use of conference rooms, town halls and other amenities, that are not available for the utility of you are not availing luxury services.
  5. There are many added advantages if you avail of luxury experiences. Usually, you will be welcomed by a bottle of the finest wine or champagne upon checking-in and your room will be bedecked with flowers and chocolates. Apart from shoe-shine and laundry services, you may even be assigned your personal butler to take care of your daily needs during your stay.
  6. Personalised touches to your room along with free car parking space and other perks are also available if you go for a luxury experience.
  7. Needless to say, you will also get the best rooms with the best beds.

With a plethora of luxury experience packages to choose from, where you can modify your destination, duration, and choice of stay, we ensure the ultimate luxury experience, at just the budget you find right. We keep in mind the experience of the customer and ensure that the customer does not have to dole out unnecessary money to be able to enjoy a luxury experience.

Our packages include options for honeymoon, couples, families, and individuals.

Our specialised week-long luxury package includes a thrilling 1 day 2 nights’ luxury yacht experience aboard the, along the calm waters of the Arabian Sea.


If you are looking for an experiential and exceptional Luxury with the finest in it than PURE LUXURY HOLIDAY is for you for a PURE LUXURY ESCAPE.

Our services are superior and aimed at pleasing the customers so that we become the norm and nothing ever comes close. Our packages can be booked online at or call our registered office.

So, next time you crave the perfect luxury experience, just remember you have a world of things waiting just for you to explore and make memories with your family and friends. Come join us on an unforgettable journey!

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