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Meghalaya is easily one of the most beautiful places on Earth; it has picturesque hills and mountains, beautiful rivers, and an overall amazing connection to nature. Meghalaya is the place to go if you the one who likes to have a connection with nature or someone who is looking to just explore. It is also a great place to visit for families, couples, groups of friends, or just individuals.

When is Wangala Festival Celebrated?

The 100 drum festival or the Wangala Festival is a festival that is celebrated in November by the Garo tribes in the Garo Hills of Meghalaya. It is a very unique and one of kind festival as you would not get to see anything like this in any other part of the word. 

The festival is celebrated in winter to celebrate the harvest. It is unique as it is celebrated in the presence of 100 loud drums to which people very enthusiastically dance and sing. It is a sight to see.

People from all over the world come to witness this festival as it is a sight that you would only get to see here in the entire world. Sometimes, the festival lasts for about a week when the harvest that year has been exceptionally well. The festival typically lasts around a 3 day period during which the locals from the tribe and outsiders all gather around to celebrate the joyous occasion. 

Wangala Festival Meghalaya

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Tourist Attractions in Wangala Festival

Meghalaya is unique and one of the most underrated places in India. It has so much to offer in the name of tourism. From a single glance, Meghalaya would look like a place that would only have things to offer for nature lovers or the ones who are into adventure sport, etc, however, that is not true at all! Meghalaya is a place for literally anyone and everyone.

Wangala Festival

During the 100 drum Festival, the Garo tribe which is also the second-largest tribe in that area comes together with other local tribes to make this festival truly memorable. Music makes this festival what this is but things like traditional dances, people dressing up in their traditional clothes; drinking rice beer also is a major part of what makes this festival what it is today! The festival is celebrated in Taro where people also set up small stalls with a lot of accessories, tools, goodies, etc to buy and choose from. This all sets up together to make the festival what it is today. 

There is nothing like this in the entire world which is also the reason why people fly out from all over India and the world to come and be the part of the celebration in Meghalaya. This is not an opportunity the one would want to miss out on! Meghalaya has it all, the scenery, nature, the markets, and most important of all, the relaxation that one is looking to have on their vacation.

Meghalaya is the place to go if you are looking to have an out from your daily hustle and bustle and just relax!

100 Drums Festival of Meghalaya

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