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India is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing nations. All of this is possible only because of the number of companies that succeed in the global market. It is their services that have boosted the GDP of the country, subsequently the overall growth. With growth comes standards. Hence to adhere to the standard that Indian corporates have to offer, the hospitality industry has seen a big transformation. The Financial Capital of India, Mumbai, alone has more than 5 premium Business hotels.

With the Oberoi group of hotels and Taj group of hotels working on building the new era of hospitality in India, it is important to note the top 10 business hotels in India to meet the corporate endeavors, as there are a plethora of them spread across the nation. You would want to take your client to the best hotel in India rather than taking them for lunch in a hotel that doesn’t provide much hospitality to your client’s liking. Hence the relevance of the list of top 10 business hotels in India to meet the corporate endeavors. 

1. Radisson Blu Plaza, New Delhi

Radisson has made a name for itself all around the globe for the quality of services they offer. Betwixt the heavy competition in the Indian hospitality sector, Radisson has found a niche to cope with, and the answer for it is their corporate involvement. Radisson serves as a place for many business meets and parties, hence their popularity. Radisson Blu Plaza is aptly located in the capital city of India and hence your client won’t be needing to travel again after gruelling flight hours. Radisson Blu Plaza is also a perfect place to hold your meetings as the hotel provides private conference rooms/lounge services to their customers, provided you pre-book them. That being said, Radisson Blu Plaza is easily one of the top 10 business hotels in India to meet the corporate endeavors.

Radisson Blu Plaza New Delhi

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2. Taj Coromandel, Chennai

Taj group of hotels have ascertained the fact that Chennai might as well be the next business hub of India, hence their increasing emphasis on building business hotels around this region. After a successful business-luxury hotel built in Hyderabad, Taj Coromandel is a place of choice for many companies to hold their corporate events. The reason for this is the availability of conference rooms, video conferencing, and convention halls. It also provides 24/7 business centres along with secretarial and workstation services. All of these count towards their place in this list of top 10 business hotels in India: to meet the corporate endeavors! 

Taj Coromandel Chennai

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3. Hyatt Hyderabad

Hyderabad is slowly taking over the IT industry as the number of companies making their base here is increasing rapidly. With Amazon opening their largest campus outside of their HQ here in Hyderabad, this “Hi-Tech” city is indeed a top-tier business hub in India. With that much credibility, Hyderabad has a plethora of hotels to cater to the needs of corporate. Hyatt Hyderabad is one of the best here, it finds its spot on this list of top 10 business hotels in India: to meet the corporate endeavors due to its brand name(who doesn’t know Hyatt!) and the quality of services. In fact, Hyatt Hyderabad is believed to be the best one in India among the other hotels that come under the Hyatt chain. This is a good spot for you to ink a deal of your lifetime! 

Hyatt Hyderabad

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4. JW Marriott, Aerocity New Delhi

The abundance of premium hotels in Delhi is because of the growing Tech and Manufacturing industry in this city. Moreover, JW Marriott is situated in the Hospitality district. Yes, you heard that right! It was Delhi International Airport’s plan to devote a hub for premium hotels spread over 40 acres. JW Marriott being the highlight, it offers a perfect combination of luxury and class which would surely give a good first impression. Another reason as to why this hotel ends up on this list of top 10 business hotels in India: to meet the corporate endeavors is the “Marriott” tag. Corporates love Marriott, which will indirectly aid you in sealing the deal successfully. 

jw marriott aerocity new delhi

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5. The Leela Palace, Bangalore

Bangalore, the Silicon Plateau of India, is a place where a plethora of Information Technology and Telecommunication companies operate. Moreover, Bangalore is considered as one of the fastest-growing cities in India. The Leela Palace is the place to be if you are planning on holding a client meeting. Closer the Airport and far away from the busy streets of Bangalore, The Leela Palace would be a perfect place for you to fulfil your corporate endeavours. Another added advantage is that you could take your client on a tour as there are many tourist attractions such as the Bangalore Palace and the Botanical Gardens nearby. All of this adds up to the relevance of this hotel on this list of top 10 business hotels in India: to meet the corporate endeavors!

The Leela Palace, Bangalore

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6. ITC Grand Chola, Chennai

ITC is a renowned group of hotels in India and they are known for their unique blend of luxury and class. ITC Grand Chola is situated near Guindy, yet another Technological park in India, and is considered to be one of the best hotels when it comes to the list of top 10 business hotels in India: to meet the corporate endeavors. The construction of this hotel will surely bedazzle anyone, with a touch of Chola dynasty, ITC Grand Chola is decorated with precious granite carvings and offers one of the best surroundings for business meets. On top of it all, Grand Chola also offers wellness sessions which you and your client could use prior to the most important meeting of your life!

itc grand chola chennai tamil nadu

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7. The Four Seasons, Mumbai

The Four Seasons is situated in the heart of Mumbai, Worli and is relatively new compared to the other hotels mentioned in this list. The Four Seasons gives a good vibe as it’s construction resembles a huge business complex. Having 202 rooms divided into 33 storeys, The Four Seasons is the best hotel if you are planning on a pure business trip. The availability of rooms and the quality of services is enough to put this hotel on the list of top 10 business hotels in India. You can take room any day in any of the four seasons as the abundance of rooms makes it easier for you to get the date of your choice.

Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai

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8. The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai

One or two hotels are not enough for the Financial Capital of India. Considering the fact that a lot of corporates hold their business meets in Mumbai, there is a stringent requirement for rooms. The Taj Mahal Palace has got it covered! Being the face of India’s Hospitality sector, The Taj Mahal Palace is easily the best one out of the list of top 10 business hotels in India. The major reason being the brand value and quality of services. The Taj Mahal Palace is the Taj Mahal of hotels and it won’t come as a surprise if you extend your stay here!

Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai

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9. Trident Hilton, Gurgaon

Trident Hilton might as well be the most beautiful hotel mentioned in this list. If you are planning on holding your business meet in a serene atmosphere, Trident Hilton is the hotel you would want to consider. The construction is different from what you would see on high-rise luxury hotels, Trident Hilton is spread across 7 acres and the lush green gardens and peaceful-blue water gives this hotel a touch of comfort and luxury. If you could go through the images of this hotel, you might consider it to be a premium, luxury Agile workplace. On top of it all, this hotel is secure and is locked away from the busy streets of Gurgaon. Hence it finds itself on this list of top 10 business hotels in India. Moreover, the hotel was also listed on Leading Hotels in Asia at World Travel Awards.

trident hilton gurgaon

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10. The Imperial, New Delhi

Saving the best for the last, The Imperial, New Delhi was once voted as the best luxury hotel in India as well as the best business hotel in Asia! If that is not enough to put this in the list of top 10 business hotels in India: to meet the corporate endeavors, then the fact that the hotel as an exclusive 24-hour business centre and three convention rooms add up to their credibility as the best business hotel in India. In addition to that, this hotel has been around for 7 decades and has a rich heritage in serving corporates all around the world. The thing that interests these corporates is that the hotel has a dedicated 7,000 square feet space solely for holding business meets and corporate events. That being said, seal the corporate deal and boogie for a while!

The Imperial Delhi

If you’re having trouble deciding which one of these top 10 business hotels in India: to meet the corporate endeavors to go for then it is advisable that you seek assistance from a premier tour operator. This way you can avoid second thoughts and choose the best one that adheres to your needs and requirements. In that case, you would want to consider a credible source. That being said, Special Holidays Travel Pvt. Ltd., who has hosted a lot of such business meets and corporate events would be a good choice to ask for a piece of advice. They have been around this industry for two decades and are also a proud recipient of National Award for their remarkable contributions in the tourism sector. Go through their website and ring them up to clear your queries. They’ll be happy to help as I’ve contacted them for a lot of my queries.

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