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Kolkata’s Rath Yatra is the first festival after monsoon starts. It is an eight day-long yatra that is filled with fun and enthusiasm. People from all over the world come to see the yatra in all its glory. The Yatra is filled with so much energy and enthusiasm by the locals and the outsiders. It is a huge gathering that is not to be missed by anyone!  Know here about Why is Kolkata Rath Yatra Important and Things to know about Kolkata Rath Yatra :

1. Significance

The festival was first only prevalent in Bengal until ISKCON decided to replicate and take the festival to Puri where it is celebrated with the same enthusiasm and happiness. The festival came to Kolkata in 1972 and since then it has become an integral part of everyone’s childhood. Countless people gather around the chariot to have a chance to pull it! It is a picturesque sight. 

Rath Yatra Kolkata

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2. The Rath

Now, the most important part and something that attracts most people to this festival are the ISKCON’S Rath. It is simply a replica of the rath used in Puri. The rath is truly beautiful and is designed carefully; it is very detailed and shows the true work and thought that went into designing and making it. The chariot departs from the temple at Albert road and takes a round of the entire city before taking a halt at Brigade Parade Ground. 

ISKCON Rath Yatra Kolkata

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3. The Spirit

The spirits regarding this festival are quite high, especially among children! They get their little raths from markets like Jaggu Bazar, Manicktala Bazar, Sealdah, Gariahat, Kalighat, Lake Market, Lebutala, and Rashmoni bazaar. You can get your little rath and take it on your little yatra. You would often see kids playing with these raths with so much excitement and enthusiasm; it can even get the adults super excited for the festival!

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4. Cuisine and the Festival

Of course, there would be no true festival spirit without the foods and the little markets! The food stalls and the fairs mainly are set up at the Brigade Parade Grounds. You can have the best staple food of Kolkata there and also be am audience to some amazing dance performances. There is so much more witness. While having a great view of the chariot, you can also have great food, visit the small and big stalls nearby and have a great time! This is also a great place for photographers as they will get a chance to capture the true essence of Indian beauty and culture

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5. Some Unknown Facts

It is not widely known that Bengal has rath traditions that are the oldest and even date back to the 14th century! The rath yatras are also spread out all over Bengal with some noticeable towns like Guptipara, Rajbalhat, Mahishadal, and Mayapur. At the Jagganath Temple in Kolkata, there is another rath that also goes around the whole city with the same spirits and enthusiasm. All the locals have deep-rooted memories of this Yatra and it is close to their hearts. It is truly a once in a lifetime experience to be able to witness this yatra! So, go if you get the chance.

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