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Bhutan is a very compact, beautiful country located between the countries of China and India. Despite of being one of the most popular Buddhist destinations, it’s known for several other things that one as a traveller must experience in this pretty small country. Here are the list of things that we recommend you to do while you’re in Bhutan.

Find here 10 Best Things to do in Bhutan :

1. Attend a Tsechus Festival

Want to experience what Buddhism religion actually feels like? Then, Tsechu Festival is a must to attend when you’re in Bhutan. Although the dates or months varies from place to place. It’s believed that festival of Tsechus is celebrated every 10th day of a month according to the Lunar calendar. This festival is known for it’s colorful cultural mask dances which the monks perform after days of medication prior to this three day long celebration.

Tsechu Festival Bhutan

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2. Tiger’s Nest Monastery

Also known as the Taktsang Monastery by the local Bhutan people, this monastery has almost become an unofficial symbol of Bhutan. Located at a height of 3000m above sea level, this beautiful architectural marvel can only be accessed by trekking for several hours but it’s view is definitely worth the trek.

Tiger's Nest Monastery Bhutan

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3. Dochula Pass

Dochula Pass is known to be one of the world’s most beautiful pass. It houses the war memorial in the memory of soldiers who died in the Bhutanese War against the Assamese Militants.

Dochula Pass Bhutan

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4. The Bumthang Cultural Trek

This is one of the most recommend treks as it’s not the most difficult ones and at the same time, it takes you through various monastries, Buddhist temples and traditional villages enroute.

Bumthang Bhutan

5. Rafting at Po Chu River

Well, if you’re someone who enjoys a gentle-moderate rapid rafting speed, then this is the place for you! Not only you’ll be able to take the advantage of the raft’s gentle speed, you’ll also be able to spot and engage into some bird watching along the river valley.

Po Chu River Rafting Bhutan


6. Trongsa Dzong

It’s considered to be of administration importance. This is one of the most beautiful Dzong in Bhutan. It houses about 25 temples, beautiful courtyards and amazing breathtaking views. It’s also known for it’s festival in the months of December and January where they tend to celebrate the victory of Buddhism against evil.

Trongsa Dzong Bhutan

7. Punakha Dzong

Another most beautiful dzongs in Bhutan. It’s known for it’s marvellous architecture and the Golden, Red and Black painted woods just add more charisma to it’s architecture. Surrounded by lush green trees all around, Punakha has also got the privileged to serve as the capital of Bhutan for a period of time.

Punakha Dzong

8. Bhutanese Cuisine

Are you really a traveller if you don’t like to taste the local food of a place? I guess not. But here we recommend you try out “Datshi” which is one traditional dish of Bhutan, even meant for vegetarians which is generally made using Cheese, chillies, vegetables and pepper. And, even further if you’re looking to try out some other non veg options in Bhutanese food, then we recommend you the Bumhari Uma cafe at Paro and The Ambient Cafe in Thimphu.

Bhutan Cuisine

So, when you’re in Bhutan, you must try all of these things!

Other Activities to experience in Bhutan:

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