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Goa is a place full of merry and enthusiasm. The place offers quite a great western culture for people from all over the world. Apart from being so westernized, Goa yet has not forgotten its roots and that is why there are many festivals that are celebrated in Goa and those are an integral part of their culture and tradition.

Sao Joao festival is actually a Catholic festival celebrated in the state of Goa by the Catholic people in the name of St. John, which is actually a fun event. You should definitely get involved with it once in your lifetime. Find here complete guide about Sao Joao Festival of Goa :

Soa Joao Festival Goa

Sao Joao Festival Date

In 2021, Sao Joao Festival will be celebrated on 24th Jun – 25th Jun.

How Sao Joao Festival Celebrated?

The entire Sao Joao festival is quite unique which you would have never heard of. The festival starts by the villagers throwing gifts into water bodies like the wells, ponds or even streams. It carries forward with the young men of the villagers. These young men jump into the well and try to retrieve these gifts from the well, pond or stream whatever water body is chosen.

If you are present there to witness this amazing activity then you can feel yourself the joyous atmosphere where people of all ages jump into the water bodies to get back the gifts thrown by the other villagers. Apart from this gift retrieval activity, people can also witness other fun activities.

Sao Joao Festival Pool Jump

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Tourist Attractions in Sao Joao Festival

1. Boat Race

In one of the village areas, a boat race is carried out. There are boats decorated with colors and sparkles. You can literally witness the colorful boats by the shore awaiting a fun activity before the race begins. In the Northern part of Goa, the entire festival is celebrated with utmost enthusiasm and celebration while the level of enthusiasm remains a little low in the southern regions of Goa.

Sao Joao Festival Boat

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 2. Feast

Apart from all these pre celebrations, the festival of Sao Joao is witnesses the main feast day which is celebrated with a higher enthusiasm level. The feast of Sao Joao festival is one special kind as it takes care of the luxury of everyone.

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3. Singing

Apart from the feast, during the main celebration day, many other fun activities are also carried out which involves a lot of people and a lot of fun. The villagers plunge into the water bodies while singing the native “San Joao”.

Sao Joao Festival Singing

4. Royal Parades

Royal parades are prepared for a long time and they are launched on the very exact day when the feast is made. The whole thing is called Sangodd where people single a lot of native and religious songs and hymns throughout the parade. The people participating in the parade are dressed in well tailored uniforms that make the whole parade looked extremely magnificent and beautiful.

5. Competitions

People who have been blessed with any good news recently like a wedding or birth of a child are blessed through this festival. Apart from this, a number of competitions are arranged for people of all age groups, especially for all the youngsters. These competitions are held in a fun and healthy manner. The entire Sao Joao festival is a festival of celebration, fun, and enthusiasm.

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