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Nepal is a fantasy experience nation for every traveler from the world. The high Himalayas, green woodland, excellent lakes, and assortments of culture, natural life, white waterways, and experience treks are continually inviting to the visitor in Nepal.

Nepal is a sheltered nation just as reasonable to visit for anyone from spending plan to extravagance. Anyway, what are you searching for? If you are searching for a trip in Nepal and confused to go, then find here Top Reasons to visit Nepal :

1. 10 World Heritage Sites

Kathmandu is the home of World legacy locales. In Kathmandu valley alone there are seven UNESCO destinations. Out of Kathmandu, There are three destinations Lumbini, Sagarmatha National park, and Chitwan National park. Along these lines, If you make an arrangement to visit Nepal you will have numerous chances to investigate the UNESCO legacy destinations, a visit to Nepal is a correct decision that will give you a major hop.


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2. 8 World’s most elevated top more than 8000 meters

In the event that you are a mountain sweetheart and ready to see the granitic pinnacles then Nepal would be the principal decision. It is the home of the world’s most elevated mountains. Out of the 14 tops over 8000 meters, Nepal has 8 pinnacles including Mt. Everest (the most noteworthy top in the world).

Mount Everest

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3. Trekking Places

Nepal is  experience goal for trekkers and mountaineering sweethearts. Consistently’s in excess of 200000 trekkers visit this nation to trek. There are many trekking courses where some are simple and short for all-encompassing perspectives and social qualities also some trekking is hard as a result of remoteness and high height.

Nepal Trek

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4. Lakes

Nepal has in excess of 200 lakes with an ice sheet inception incorporating Tilicho Lake in Annapurna (Located in world most noteworthy height) and Gokyo Lake (the world’s most elevated freshwater lake framework) which frequently gives a shocking, clearly blue shading.

Gokyo Lake

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5. Culture

The majority of the Nepali individuals rehearses Hinduism however there is an overwhelming Buddhism impact, and furthermore, some are Islam, Kiratism, and Christianity in Nepal. As a result of a decent variety of religion and multiculturalism, heading out to the various pieces of Nepal and encounters neighborhood esteems is edifying and shows what an exceptional spot to visit.

Nepal Culture

6. Wildlife

Nepal offers a wide assortment of greenery that has been considering as the Best assortment in the earth. The legislature of Nepal has isolated 10 locales as national pinnacles which are the center point of the regular property and geographic variety, 2 untamed life save which are center of wild creatures and 1 Hunting save for trophy chasing and 6 protection territories.

Chitwan National Park

The origination of Lord Buddha Nepal is impacted by the Buddhist religion. There are a lot of lakes and shocking perspectives. Nepalese are constantly upbeat individuals and Nepal itself has been viewed as a frightening spot for a long time. Nepal is a shockingly reasonable goal for explorers.

With a low spending plan, you can make the most of your outing by utilizing great inn, selection of nourishments, and exercises. Obviously, there are pricey inns and eateries in city regions yet even with these you will get the best room and administrations. Alongside this, you will get truly moderate cost for exercises like trekking, visit, Jungle safari, boating, paragliding, mountain flights, and so forth.

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