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Maldives is a perfect tourist spot situated in the South of Asia. It is an island country which gets a lot of visitors from all over the world due to the beautiful touristy stuff that it offers. Covered by water in all sides, Maldives is the perfect example of natural beauty. Vacationing in Maldives automatically means that you are going to spend a very luxurious time on the island. Hence, if you are someone who loves spending luxurious vacations especially at the water sites, then Maldives is the perfect vacationing spot for you and you should book your tickets to Maldives as soon as possible.

Maldives is a country full of islands and beaches with crystal clear water all around it. Which beaches are actually worth a visit?

Where should you exactly look to visit when you enter Maldives? Here are some of the top destinations that are loved by people all over the world. While in Maldives, you should make sure to visit the below mentioned destinations:

  • Kaafu Atoll: Kaafu Atoll is the urban sort of vacationing spot that is associated with royalty due to its history. At the present time, Kaafu Atoll remains one of the most popular tourist spots in the entire country of Maldives. You can enjoy scuba diving, underwater scooting or visit the national museum or even have a trip to the fish market. Kaafu Atoll has activities summed up for people of all kinds.  
  • Nalaguraidhoo Island: The place is also popular as Sun Island and it is ranked amongst the topmost tourist spots in Maldives.  The place has a lot of beaches surrounded by lush greenery that makes the sight marvelous. Sun Island consists of a huge number of luxurious resorts. Due to the luxurious and beautiful setup, Sun Island is a popular honeymoon spot.
  • Banana Reef: Banana reef was actually the first diving spot that gained recognition and being a licensed diving spot, it started getting a lot of tourists. The reef is named banana ref due to the banana shape it takes. You can enjoy activities like Scuba diving, jet skiing, snorkeling, etc. There are some special attractions to visit here too. 
  • Artificial Beach: The beach was solely created for adventurous people. The artificial beach is a hub for all kinds of water sports that exist. All the swimming enthusiasts love visiting the artificial beach because of the fun experience it offers. During the evening, music groups gather here to perform and the whole set up is really fun.
  • Fihalhohi Island: Fihalhohi Island is the perfect luxury vacation destination. Surrounded by palm trees and amidst crystal clear water, you are bound to forget all your tiredness and melt into the blissful experience. You can also explore the marine live with the Scuba diving experience available here.

As soon as you enter Maldives for a vacation, you are already guaranteed a great time and memorable moments. We hope your vacation at Maldives becomes a cherished moment for your entire life.

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