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When it comes to celebrate festivals with great pomp and show, Gujarat will surely top the list in this world. Garba remains the most essential portion of every festive in Gujarat. One such festival is Modhera Dance Festival that always unleashes the rich culture and heritage of the state.

It is celebrated in the memory of Solanki Era and historically known as Uttarardh Mahotsav. It marks the rotation of the sun around the earth when winters come to an end and summers start. Thus, it takes place at the end of January when Uttarayan is celebrated. Even the state government organizes an annual event to keep the rich culture constant. Let’s know more about Modhera Dance festival :

All eyes are at the Modhera Sun Temple during the festival. This grandeur event includes thrilling dance performances and musical extravaganza that can fill your heart and mind with peace and rhythm. The Sun Temple is the biggest contribution of Solanki Empire bringing the cultural ethos in the form of dance.

Modhera Dance Festival

The temple is located in the Mehsana district on the bank of Pushpavati river. The architecture of the temple is worth admiring. The Gudhamandapa, Garbhagriha, Sabhamandapa, and Kunda are the important elements of the temple. 

Modhera Sun Temple
Modhera Sun Temple

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Modhera Dance Festival Date

In 2021, Modhera Dance Festival will be celebrated on 19th Jan – 21st Jan, 2021.

How Modehra Dance Festival is Celebrated

The temple receives the sun rays during the equinox because of its unique architecture. Just like in other Gujarati festivals, people perform Garba – women wear Chaniya Choli while men wear Dhoti Kurta. Along with Garba, there is a pinch of the taste of classical dance performances like Kuchipudi, Bharatnatyam, Kathakali, and Manipuri. Travellers from all across the world witness the series of festivals in Gujarat and thus get a chance to visit the nearby temples too. Some of them are Becharji temple, Patan, Unjha, Sidhpur, Mehsana, and Mata Modheshwari temple. After this, delicious delicacies are offered especially the Gujarati dishes. 

The ambience glows when different colors of light glow from every nooks and corner of the temple. The best dance performers are invited while many traditional and cultural music composers and singers come and perform too!

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How to Reach Modhera Sun Temple

The district is well connected with railways, roadways and airways. The nearest airport is Sardar Vallabhai Patel International Airport while Becharji railway station is near to the temple. In this way, the Gujarat government has been able to generate revenue by rejuvenating the art and culture of Gujarat with proper advertisements and promotions. To accommodate the visitors, there are ample number of hotels providing luxurious stay and facilities at the best prices. Thus, if you are deciding to visit Gujarat then January is the best month to visit it. 

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