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One thing that is profound in India is the diversity and culture. There’s no other country in the world wherein you can find more than 10 regional languages. Moreover, diversity hasn’t taken a toll on Indian’s proficiency in the Global language, as India is said to be the second-largest English speaking country in the world. Along with this diversity comes the tradition, a tradition that is widespread and versatile. To keep this tradition intact, people around India celebrate and host festivals to flaunt the significance as well as the cultural heritage of this tradition. Lokrang Festival is one such festival that is held annually in the month of January. To know more about Lokrang Festival keep reading this article.

Lokrang Festival

Where Lokrang Festival is Celebrated?

Lokrang Festival is hosted by Adivasi Lok Kala Academy in Madhya Pradesh’s very own “city of lakes”, Bhopal. This 5-day festival showcases the folk and tribal dance tradition of India. This festival beckons tourists around the world who are curious to know more about Lokrang Festival. Emphasis is given to dramas, dance, art, as well as the music. An epitome of cultural diversity, Lokrang Festival honours the ancient cultures that exemplify India and its heritage. Moreover, there is a reason as to why this festival is aptly held in Madhya Pradesh. Madhya Pradesh is one of the few places in India that has many forms of dance and art. The fact that Madhya Pradesh takes up the majority portion of Central India and shares borders with 5 states, accounts for this much diversity in this state.

However, this union of art and dance forms from various neighbouring states doesn’t mean that Madhya Pradesh doesn’t have a centre of attraction of its own. In fact, Madhya Pradesh preserves its unique identity by celebrating regional festivals such as Lokranjan and Pachmarhi Utsav. Lokrang Festival is also a good addition to the list. The ideology behind hosting the Lokrang festival every year is to show the preservation of their culture. Though flaunting the diversity of Madhya Pradesh through its art is the sole objective of this festival, it doesn’t keep many from performing art forms that originated from various other states of India.

Lokrang Festival Madhya Pradesh

To avoid this commotion, Lokrang Festival flaunts any one of the dance forms from India for one year. Meaning, the festival revolves around one specific dance form for the entire 5 days and for the next year it is changed. Apart from the Adivasi Lok Kala Academy, it is the dancers who make this festival a grand success. Practising and performing tirelessly and continuously for 5 days, they often wear aesthetic and colourful clothing to give the audience a sonic as well as a visual experience. Sonic in the sense, the beats and rhythms of the music they dance to! In addition to classical dance forms, Lokrang festival also provides a stage for those performing tribal dances. In fact, many claims that this is the highlight of the festival.

This initiative is very much helpful in preserving the art forms in India. Moreover, the theme selected for this festival would be those cultures which demand attention so that it doesn’t go extinct. In addition to that, Lokrang Festival also promotes equality and tries to avoid cultural differentiation. This is a dire need at this age where people are often discriminated on the basis of race and culture. All of this forms the basis of Lokrang and the support that it receives from Indians as well as foreigners.

Lokrang is best experienced through eyes rather than words. If you need to know more about Lokrang festival or if you are planning on visiting Madhya Pradesh for attending this festival then I suggest you go through the itineraries offered by Special Holidays Travel Pvt. Ltd. Take a look at the packages that they offer for Madhya Pradesh If you intend to add Lokrang to it, you can ring them up and they will arrange for everything that is essential. Do note that this is held once a year hence contact them in advance to pre book your presence so that you won’t miss this amazing festival!

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