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Yoga has become a crucial aspect of healthy lifestyles around the world. The different practices like Pranayama, Asanas, and meditation are the most effective methods towards a better life. The worldwide celebration of International Yoga Day is an initiative quite important for the well-being of people.

Yoga is a tradition deeply rooted in the history of India. Yogis and Saints were people who dedicated their lives to yoga as a means of connection and union to the divine power. But it is not just a myth, the health benefits of yoga are widely acknowledged by people in every field. It enhances body functioning to great extents and provides more physical and mental energy to people in order to perform their best.  Find here detailed information about International Yoga Festival 2021:

History Of International Yoga Day

The extent of awareness about Yoga was quite less than its magical benefits. In 2014, during the United Nations General Assembly the proposal of adopting an International Yoga Day was made by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. He emphasized the vitality of Yoga in maintaining a balance between mind and body and how it connects an individual to nature and themselves.  

The practice of Yoga is dated back to the most ancient civilization of South Asia, The Indus Valley Civilization that lasted from 3300 BCE to 1300 BCE. The tradition started thousands of years ago and continuously evolved over that period of time. For more than 5000 years people were practicing and spreading the spiritual treasure of Yoga but it was limited compared to the vast impact it made. With the advent of International Yoga Day, the world was exposed to the secrets of a healthy and happy life.

International Yoga Festival

When And How Is It Celebrated?

After the informal proposal for adopting an International Yoga Day by the Prime Minister of India, a number of meetings were held. On 11 December 2014, Indian representative Asoke Mukherji introduced the final draft which was supported by 177 Member States in the United Nations General Assembly.

The day of 21st June was selected for the occasion after PM Narendra Modi’s proposal it is the day of the Summer Solstice when the earth receives sunlight for the longest time.

According to the Hindu tradition, it is also celebrated as Guru Purnima, a day devoted to Lord Shiva who was the first to reveal the life-changing practice of Yoga to mankind. Yoga does not belong to a specific religion; it is a scientifically proven practice that benefits our mind, body, and spirit.    

In 2015, the International Yoga Day was celebrated for the first time on June 21 at Rajpath in New Delhi. Around 36,000 people, including dignitaries from around the world, performed several asanas and led a huge event successfully organized by the AYUSH Ministry. Since then ‘Yoga Day’ is celebrated just like an international festival in all schools, colleges, and institutions around the world.

Schedule Of International Yoga Day 2021

The world has taken a different turn during the COVID-19 pandemic and resorted to online platforms to ensure the safety of people without missing out on events. The AYUSH Ministry has already laid out the plan for the International Yoga Festival 2021.

The training program Common Yoga Protocol or CYP has been followed by people in previous years. This year CYP has become an important part of the Yoga Festival, it is devised by experts in the field for every age and gender. The program includes beneficial practices to enhance the physical, psychological, and spiritual health of individuals in these difficult times. The online classes are highly accessible and easy to follow. You can become a part of an International festival from the comfort of your home.   

The Common Yoga Protocol focuses on widely spreading awareness through this program and motivates people to adopt a life of good health. The online event for the 2021 Yoga Festival will start from the first day of months of February 2021 to June 2021 at 7 am.

The online training will be conducted at four levels:

  1. Yoga Appreciation Program – 45 minutes daily for 4 days.
  2. CYP – Introduction Program – 90 minutes for 12 days.
  3. CYP – Yoga Sadhana – 90 minutes for 6 days.
  4. CYP – Self Practice- Assessment- Certification – 180 minutes for 2 days.

So, In 36 hours you will be well-equipped for a healthier lifestyle.

Things To Do In International Yoga Day

Generally, the Yoga Festival is celebrated in different institutions of the world on various scales. In India, the main event (celebrated in a different city every year) is honored with the presence of the Prime Minister and other dignitaries amidst the crowd of thousands to collectively perform asanas. There are people practicing in parks, schools, and colleges. A great amount of spiritual knowledge is imparted through speeches from yoga Gurus, teachers, and other intellectuals.     

Unlike previous years, you cannot witness the sight of thousands of people performing yoga postures or meditating. The beautiful thing about Yoga is its power of joining or connecting. The 2021 celebration will use this power of connection to bring together people from around the world at one CYP platform. All you need to do is get your yoga mat ready, find your peaceful spot and start with the program. The training is available at no monetary cost to everyone. Although a fee of INR 250 is to be paid for getting a volunteer certificate.

How To Participate in International Yoga Day

Attending festivals and events can be tiring but you can attend the International Yoga festival 2021 with a few clicks. The CYP program organized by the AYUSH Ministry and Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga is the easiest to reach no matter where you are. The whole training will be streamed live on online platforms- MDNIY, MoAYUSH, CCRYN, and NIN. All you need is determination and some precious time to learn the basic secrets to a holistic life on the occasion of International Yoga Day.    

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