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The Maldives flaunt its serene beauty to attract tourists from all around the world. Although the price one has to pay for spending a week or two there is a bit high as compared to other destinations, the treatment they get is undeniable and tourists leave with a lot of memories awaiting to be cherished in the near future!

If at all you manage to save a good lump sum for your Maldives trip, you must plan your trip in such a way that you get to enjoy the best ideas for luxury travel for Maldives. Especially if you’re spending your honeymoon there, then you might want to cherish the most of your time there without bothering much of the expenditure. Find here how to Plan Maldives Trip :

1. Choose the Resort 

When it comes to luxury accommodation, it is advisable to take a suite in either Park Hyatt or Soneva Jani. However, if your flight at Male International airport, Park Hyatt would be a viable option. This 5-star resort is situated on a private resort which is around 400 km from Male. On the other hand, if you wish to get the most out of anything luxury, then Soneva Jani would be the place you would want to take a suite at.

Soneva Fushi along with Soneva Jani is easily one of the best luxury resorts in the Maldives. Soneva Jani is situated in an uninhibited 5 island cluster that comes with a private lap pool and a lagoon. The specialty of Soneva resorts is the “Robinson Crusoe style” hideout. You would not want to miss this resort. If money is not an issue, taking a suite at any of the Soneva resorts is one of the best ideas for luxury travel for Maldives.

Maldives Resort

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2. Explore the Island

So, now that we have taken a suite at one of the best resorts in the Maldives and a massage, it is time to explore the Maldives. It is not possible to cover the entire Maldives in a single day, as these 1192 islands of Maldives are widespread and many of these have a significance of their own. Since our focus is on luxury, here is something peculiar that one could do at the Maldives. You could rent an underwater scooter to explore the reefs and underwater beds of the island in style. Though there are certain limitations on the distance that you could travel with this underwater scooter, it is enough for you to get the feel of underwater exploration. With uniqueness comes luxury. Riding an underwater scooter is akin to a Maybach Excelero on the road! 

Maldives Snorkelling
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3. Experience the Water Activities

If you want to go up rather than going down, then this idea will surely give you an adrenaline rush. Easily one of the best ideas for luxury travel for Maldives, Flyboarding is another peculiar means of locomotion wherein a person would be equipped with something similar to that of a jetpack on their foot. Now, as soon as the system propels, the person is lifted up and you need hot worry, even if the propulsion system fails, you’d fall on the water, as the entire system is hydro-based!

Sounds like something you could enjoy, sign up for this program through your resort. It shouldn’t cost more than US$1000 for this, and the price is surely dependent on the number of hours you would spend on this device. It can be as low as US$100 and as high as US$1000. Nevertheless, you’ll be given the royal treatment!

Flyboarding Maldives

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4. Get Relaxed at Spa

Here are some of the best ideas for luxury travel in the Maldives which enables you to spend your cash wisely. Assuming that you got to the Maldives on a business class ticket and alighted at the Male International Airport, the first thing you could do is to spend some hard cash on getting a massage. Relax your muscles by taking a Balinese massage, which is best for relieving your stress. This prepares your body for the rest of the day. A standard massage can cost as much as US$200 while the premium ones such as the Balinese ones will cost you around US$435. In the end, you’ll get a royal treatment and this is one of the best ideas for luxury. 

Maldives balinese Massage

5. Enjoy Romantic Dinner

If you’re visiting the Maldives with your better half, then one of the best ideas for luxury travel would be to take your spouse on a romantic dinner night while seeing the sunset into the serene ocean, from a private island. Yes, this is very much possible. However, this can cost you a lot, considering the fact that you’re renting an island for a night for both of you! 

Maldives Candle Light Dinner

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6. Island Hopping

Finally, to wrap up your luxurious Maldives tour, you might want to consider island hopping. Though it is impossible to visit all islands, the best you could do is to visit islands selectively. Here’s where the luxury part comes! You can rent or hire a seaplane transfer which costs around US$350 and US$500 for a roundtrip per person. So if you’re planning on visiting 10 islands, the payment would be around $3500(approximate).

Maldives Island Hopping
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7. Prefer Buffet or All Inclusive

On the other hand, you can even spend your stay in the Maldives in an affordable way. You can replace your luxurious Soneva Jani with an AirBNB which would significantly cut your costs and take a jet ski instead of seaplane transfer. And you can consider kiteboarding instead of flyboarding which could cut some significant amount off of your budget. Moreover, instead of ordering an A la carte meal, you can always approach a hotel which offers a meal/buffet which costs around US$35 as compared to the US$60 for the A la carte. The point is, you can explore the Maldives in a luxurious manner as well in an affordable manner. But in the end, all that matters is the memories. If you consider the luxurious route, the above mentioned are the best ideas for luxury travel for Maldives. 

Maldives Buffet

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8. Hire Tour Agency

Or you can hire a tour agency that gives you the best ideas for luxury travel for Maldives while still planning your trip within your budget. Pay a visit to Special Holiday Travel Pvt. Ltd. website, and get a quote from an expert! It’s better to ask for guidance than searching your way yourself through an unexplored island. 

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