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The Maldives is a collective of 1192 exotic islands. Situated in South East Asia, the Maldives is the best place for a couple to spend their honeymoon. A Honeymoon visit to Maldives, though, requires some amount of planning, the memories you get from this trip will surely be cherished by you and your better half for years to come! This planning will start with your priorities and budget.

The Maldives is one among the very few islands wherein you get a special honeymoon package from tour operates. This is because of the things you could do at the Maldives with your better half. Starting from the romantic dinner in a private lounge to the adventurous couple activities, you could do a lot of things in your honeymoon visit to the Maldives.

Maldives Beach

Finalize your Dates

The most important thing is the date. You must have confirmed your dates of fly and arrival.

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Pre-booked Resort

The Maldives is home for luxurious and most romantic resorts. So the first thing you just consider doing while you’re planning for a Honeymoon visit to the Maldives is to look for a resort of our choice. It is advisable you look for something closer to the Male international airport so that you could cut some costs in conveyance. The best thing about pre-booking your resort is that the resort will make arrangements for your conveyance from Airport to the room, or else you might have to land and then look for conveyance, which is very hard and time-consuming.

Watervilla or Beach Side

You must have known that where you want to stay. At the dry land or amdist the water. Maldives offers the picturesque luxury watervillas and beach side villas. Watervillas takes you to direct into the ocean and keeps you away from the sugary sand while beach side rooms offers you the serenity.

Maldives Watervilla

Go with Tour Package

Yet another alternative is to book a tour package which comes with the airfare and the accommodation. This is what many people prefer, but a small proportion of people book everything individually to get a custom-style itinerary of their choice. Though this is not at all bad, at times it could become counter-productive, especially when you are left with only a few days with a lot of places to visit!

Water Sports

Adventurous couple activities would surely increase the bond between you and your better half. Starting from paddleboarding to jet skiing, you have a lot of options here. It is advisable to go for paddleboarding, as the Maldives has its own kind of paddle boarding, Stand-up paddleboarding, which is almost like surfing but doesn’t require much of upper body strength as demanded by the surfboard. The tricky part of the Maldives is that most of the islands are privately owned by hotel groups.

So some activities are inclusive of their accommodation package. So it is important to first look for the individual pricing and the accommodation pricing before making a choice. Chances are, the resort you take accommodation will have activities of its own. Hence it is better to go with them. But if a specific activity, say flight boarding(which is very rare in the Maldives), is not there in your resort then you can for conveyance from your resort to the island wherein this activity can be found.

Flight Boarding Maldives

Romantic Dinner

A honeymoon visit to Maldives is incomplete without a romantic seaside dinner! The vast majority of the islands in the Maldives offer private lounge wherein you can have a candlelight dinner. However, it is best to have your dinner by the seaside while watching the sunset peacefully into the ocean! There’s nothing more romantic than this. In the morning, you can do a yoga and wellness session while experiencing the serenity of the calm ocean. Moreover, you can have a Balinese massage, which is pretty popular in the Maldives. After gruelling sessions of water sports, a Balinese massage can help you relax the muscles and get you ready for your flight back home!

Maldives Candle Light Dinner

Book with Experiential Travel Agency

Planning a honeymoon visit to Maldives can be a herculean task, considering its significance. It’s better to approach an experiential travel agency such as Special Holidays Travel Pvt. Ltd. who have been guiding a lot of couples into their best honeymoon trips? The best thing about them is that they can help you customise your itinerary and give you proper guidance on the places you can visit and the resorts you can approach. Visit their website for getting a gist as to what they have to offer:

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