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Asia has one of the most versatile tourism destinations in the world. You could enjoy the rich heritage and culture of India and at the same time, you could enjoy the tropical beach resorts of Sri Lanka and Mauritius. There are a lot of places you could visit if you plan for an “Around Asia in 80 days”. But among the countries of Asia, Nepal holds a unique place. The main reason for it is Mount Everest. Mount Everest is shared between Nepal, Tibet and China, as it runs across the international borders of these countries. Similar to Tibet, it is hard to get into Nepal as an independent tourist. It is important to know how to get direct deal for Amazing Nepal before you plan to visit here. Why the “Amazing” tag, well to answer this you should know the places you could in Nepal.

Nepal is known as the Birthplace of Buddha, hence it is not a surprise to see a lot of tourists coming here in search of spirituality. Apart from this, tourists also come here fervently for taking part in Mountaineering and Trekking. You will also get to know more of astrology here in Nepal. This is the place where the Living Goddess resides. Goddess Kumari, regarded as the reincarnation of Goddess Taleju. As per tradition, Goddess Kumari has to reside in the Kumari’s house all year and her feet must not touch the ground. She is only entitled to leave her residence during the annual festive season.

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Nepal is also home for many UNESCO Heritage Sites wherein you could get to relive the rich heritage that Nepal has to offer. Though the 2015 Earthquake took a huge toll on many of the places, renovation works are being carried out at full swing. If you are a fan of picturesque valleys, then Gokyo Valley might as well be your thing! Gokyo Valley has one of the most beautiful landscapes in Asia. Now that you have a gist as to what Amazing Nepal has to offer, it is about time I answer your question as to how to get direct deal for Amazing Nepal.

First of all, for finding the best direct deal you must do some research to procure the list of tour operators with a demonstrated history of operating a Nepal tour. This would increase your chances of getting approval from the Nepal Tourism for your trip. You could do this easily through Google. Do note that you will come across a lot of pseudo travel agencies posing themselves as the best. In such cases it is better you go through the credibility of the agency. Special Holidays Travel Pvt. Ltd. was my choice for a direct deal for Amazing Nepal. The reason as to why I chose them is their experiential tour operations and recognitions. Being felicitated by the Ministry of Tourism for their remarkable contributions in the tourism sector. That was one of the main reasons as to why I took an interest in them.

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If you could skim through the list of itineraries that they offer for Nepal Tourism,, you’ll find the answer to your question as to how to get direct deal to Amazing Nepal. Their Kathmandu and Pokhara Tour is one of the finest packages for Nepal and the fact that they cover expenses for accommodation and conveyance is another reason as to why SHTC excels in Nepal tour operations. The best thing about SHTC is that they are not at all hesitant when it comes to customising the itinerary. Also, you could ring them up any day for clearing your confusions. If you ask me, this is how to get direct deal for Amazing Nepal, my friend!

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