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India is a land of culture, festivals and celebration. There is a vast diversity amongst us and every culture has its own festivals and traditions. Chhattisgarh is one such state where many tribes reside. These tribes also have their own ways of celebration. Goncha festival is one such tribal festival celebrated in the state of Chhattisgarh. Find here complete guide about Goncha Festival of Chhatisgarh :

Where Goncha Festival is Celebrated?

The Goncha festival is celebrated in the Bastar district of Chhattisgarh with a lot of joy and merry. A lot of people gather here to celebrate Goncha from different areas because of its unique nature

goncha festival chhattisgarh

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When is Goncha Festival Celebrated?

Goncha festival is usually celebrated in the month of July and if you happen to visit Bastar during this time of year and then you will be fortunate enough to witness this unique kind of festival.

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History of Goncha Festival

The history of Goncha festivals dates back to 610 years and the traditions of this festival are being followed since more than half a century by these tribal people. The festival of Goncha is also called a Chariot festival. It is the time when Rath Yatra is carried out by Hindus around the country. There does exit a mythological story behind it being called the chariot festival. 

Goncha Chariot Festival

The festival was started by the kings and rulers of the Chalukya Dynasty around half a century back. It started getting celebrated with the Rath Yatra festival where chariots are departed from the Jaggannath temple. 

The Goncha festival was named so because of a fruit called Goncha. The fruit is grown on a wild climber. The fruit of Goncha is used as a bullet while a gun is made out of bamboo. Everything used is fake and harmless, created just for the sake of fun.  The gun made for mockery is called Tupak. 

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How Goncha Festival is Celebrated?

The fun starts and people aim at each other with the mockery gun and the entire atmosphere is filled up with joy and fun while people hit each other with the Tupak. There is no harm and the people are very jolly and participate actively in the activity.

The preparations for the festival are started months before the actual date. People all over the village start making Tupki and selling them. A short trip of the market will expose you to the high level of excitement and fun that is involved in the celebration of the Goncha festival. 

A lot of ceremonies and rituals are followed and it is really the time of fun and joy at the Bastar district of Chhattisgarh. Witnessing the whole scene with your eyes will make you feel as if you have teleported to some heavenly place full of bright faces and happiness.

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The Bastar land is one which is connected to nature. Every event or every festival celebrated here is somehow linked with Mother Nature. A total of 13 festivals are celebrated at Bastar in the span of a year. If we take out the average, there is still more than one festival per month. Goncha festival happens to be the last of them. It is surely one that should be popular because of its uniqueness and joyful nature.

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