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If one thinks for a place to relax in India and have an amazing time with their loved ones, there is only one place that comes to mind and that is Goa! Goa is a place with over 100kms of coastline and so much to explore. This place has unlimited cuisines to offer with bars and shacks located all around the city. It can be categorized as quite a suburban place with lots to explore. Goa is also known as the heaven on Earth because of the euphoric experience that the place can offer you. It is perfect for all kinds of groups like family, friends, or a couple and even for an individual vacation!

The Goa Food and Culture Festival

Now, Goa is a city that has something for everyone; no one that visits this place will feel left out! The Goa Food and Culture Festival is something that no foodie would want to miss out on. This is no ordinary food festival. During the festival in February, people who cook gather from all over; spread out on the several beaches or the coastline of the city. Now, everyone who cooks can join the festival; like homemakers, renowned chefs from 5 or 7-star restaurants and the simple cafes and shacks get together on the beaches to show off their culinary mastery!

The dish to look out for the most is the Goan delicacies, fish curries, kinds of pasta, barbecues, and much more! You just cannot miss out on these.


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Goa Food and Cultural Festival

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goa food cultural festival

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3. The Tour

Goa tours are often a once in a lifetime experience and something that one remembers forever. On their Goa tour package, Special Holidays make sure to provide you with the best service and don’t miss out on anything that Goa has to offer.

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