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Wildlife can be very fascinating if one knows where to look for it. Watching predators in the wild, with their animal instincts working at their best, they do everything to survive the cruel nature. They hunt, they hide, and they mark territories. Wild animals in closed enclosures of your nearby zoo, can never give you the feeling of being close to nature and its wonders.

India is a diverse country and home to various wild animals. There are wildlife sanctuaries in every part of India. Here is a list of Famous Wildlife Sanctuaries in India to visit to ease up your cravings for adventure:

1. Sundarban National Park

Sundarban national park is located in West Bengal. However, a major part is in our neighboring country Bangladesh. It derived its name from a large number of Sundari trees in the area. It is known for Royal Bengal Tiger. Tigers can be spotted in many wildlife sanctuaries but in Sundarbans, you can witness a rare trait that has evolved over the course of time in these big cats, they are exceptional swimmers.

The safaris don’t take place in the dense forests as it can be dangerous to wander in these forests, which is home to one of the best predators in the world. Instead, boats are used to go through the forests. It also houses various other species like the saltwater crocodile, chital deer, leopard cat and many more.

Sundarbans National Park

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2. Gir National Park

Gir National Park is located in Gujarat. The main purpose of establishing this national park was to preserve the Asiatic lions, which were on the brink of extinction. The conservation project has been successful so far and today, the only place to spot the mighty Asiatic Lions is the Gir National Park.Other than lions, there is another species exclusively found in these jungles, and that is “four-horned antelope”. This national park houses many other species like jackal, hyena, Indian fox and many more. You will love your safari in an open jeep there.

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3. Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park is located in Assam. The place is known for a large number of Indian one-horned rhinoceros in it. It holds nearly two-thirds of the total population of this species in the world. Recently, Kaziranga national park was also declared as a tiger reserve noticing the increase of tigers in the area. However, the main attraction of the place is rhinos but it also houses any other species like tiger, leopard, Indian elephant, sloth bear and many more.

Kaziranga National Park

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4. Hemis National Park

It is the only high altitude national park in the country, located in Ladakh. It derived its name from the “Hemis Monastery”, that is the largest Tibetan monastery in the region. The main attraction of the place is snow leopards, which cannot be seen anywhere else in the country. However, they are rarely spotted even in the area which holds their highest density in the region. These cats are shy and prefer solitude, and their ability to blend in their surroundings makes them harder to spot. The place houses many other endangered species like Tibetan wolf, Eurasian brown bear, and red fox.

Hemis National park

There are plenty of other national parks in the country that can give you the enthralling adventure you have been seeking. Book your tickets now and have a closer look at the wildlife.

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