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Holi is undoubtedly a festival that celebrates and promotes the diversity of Indian culture. The festival is rejoiced with unique rituals in different regions of India. The essence of Holi is in the air but the atmosphere is unique for each state or city in India. Here is a quick peek into the different types of Holi in India that you must consider experiencing your India Tour :

1. Phoolon ki Holi, Vrindavan and Pushkar

Vrindavan is the holy city surrounded by places that reflect the love of Radha and Krishna. The Holi festival is celebrated with grandeur to commemorate the centuries-old love of the playful couple. The color play starts days before the day of Holi and people are sprinkled with flowers, holy water, and herbal colors in Krishna temples.

Similarly, the ‘Phoolon ki Holi’ or ‘Holi of Flowers’ in Pushkar sets the excitement bar very high. Both the places attract tourists from around the world. One must never miss the experience of being covered with fragrant flower petals and vibrant colors of Holi.  

Phoolon ki Holi Vrindavan

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2. Royal Holi, Udaipur

Udaipur is a city with a rich history of royal heritage. The royal family and their traditions add more beauty to every festival. The rituals of Holi include the Royal ‘Mewar Holika Dahan’, playing with colors, and even fireworks. The preparation and decoration start quite early to accomplish the most elegant views and experiences on the day of Holi. The preceding evening is enjoyed to the fullest when people dance around the Bonfire to the mesmerizing rhythms of folklore.

The unmatchable beauty of the royal palaces is enhanced with magnificent lights and flowers the city palace is the most preferred spot for celebrations. The preparation starts quite early and numerous temples are decorated to organize the rituals of Holi. There are magnificent processions with elephants, camels, and horses adorned elegantly. To witness the imperial grandiose of Udaipur covered in the colors of Holi is a sight to behold.    

Royal Holi Udaipur

Activities to do : Visit to Chittorgarh, Nagda and Eklingji, Jaisamand Lake, Bird Watching in Kumbhalgarh, Heritage Walk

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3. Lathmar Holi, Uttar Pradesh

The unique tradition of Lathmar Holi in the Mathura Region of Uttar Pradesh attracts a lot of attention. It is an added local ritual that brings more fun and laughter to the festival of Holi. The lovely couple Radha and Krishna hold great significance in the hearts of people. The legend of Krishna being driven away from Barsana when he came to color Radha is imitated. Men from Nandgaon visit Barsana to color women, in turn, women beat up the men, and every spectator bursts into laughter. The Lathmar Holi is celebrated with great excitement before the actual festival. Wish to see the ancient legends come to life? Celebrate Holi in Uttar Pradesh.

Lathmar Holi Barsana

4. Shigmo, Goa

The experience of Holi with natural colors and a rural vibe is what the festival of Shigmo has for the visitors. It is a pre-Holi tradition celebrated in Goa for the duration of 5 to 14 days celebrated in February or March. The hotspot for the most entertaining rituals remains the rural areas. The local people dress in beautiful attires and dance on the streets in groups carrying out a whole procession. The festival turns into a carnival of colors brimming with excitement and exhilaration.

Shigmo Goa

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5. Rang Panchami, Maharashtra

A day dedicated majorly to bright colors which are quite significant in the Hindu ritual of worshipping or invocating Gods or Goddesses. The festival of Rang Panchami is celebrated five days before Holi. It is widely popular in the state of Maharashtra. This is the best spot to closely observe the religious and spiritual side of Holi along with the vibrant festive side of the occasion. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm by the rural Marathi people who welcome visitors with open arms.

Activities :  Visit to Dharavi, Elephanta Caves, Bollywood Walk

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6. Hola Mohalla, Punjab

The Sikhs of Punjab are recognized for their excessive bravery, social service, and frankness. The festival of Hola Mohalla is quite famous for its artistic performers amidst the colors of Holi. It is celebrated for three days in the month of March. The dates are decided as per the lunar calendar and mostly coincide with the festival of colors. The main event takes place at Anandpur Sahib, a place that holds great historical and religious importance for the community. Visiting Punjab at the time of Holi is like a breath of fresh air filled with a sense of belonging.

Hola Mohalla Punjab

7. Dola Utsav, Odisha

The Dola Utsav is a six-day long festival celebrated in the coastal region of Odisha. The essence of divinity is the center of all the rituals performed to worship Lord Krishna and Radha. On the day of Dola Purnima, the idol of Lord Jagannath is brought out of the temple to allow the devotees to play Holi with them. The gathering turns into a procession of colored people singing bhajans. Mostly, the festival of Holi is celebrated on the next day of Dola Purnima. Visit Odisha before Holi to be a part of the grand procession.

Dola Utsav

8. Phaguwa, Bihar

The exhilarating celebration of Holi is known as Phaguwa in the state of Bihar. The region celebrates Holi in its truest form, a day full of bright colors, splashing water, and dancing. The atmosphere is elevated with the sound of popular folk songs sung in the Bhojpuri dialect that might not be soothing but quite exciting to resist the movement of your feet. Amidst the chaos are the heaven of gujiya, dahi balle, and the famous lassi. The celebration of Phagunwa is a complete package to experience the ‘Desi Holi’ to its fullest in just one day. Don’t forget to visit Bihar to witness the fun-filled festival!   

Phaguwa Bihar

9. Basant Utsav, West Bengal

Holi is celebrated as Basant or Vasant Utsav in the West Bengal region. It is celebrated as a festival of spring and welcomes the blooming season with great enthusiasm and happiness. The celebration was inaugurated by the world-famous poet Rabindranath Tagore, since then the hotspot of the festival remains the Shantiniketan University. The Utsav is highly reflective of the joy and beauty inculcated in the Bengali traditions. People dress up in beautiful traditional attires, have fun with colors, and satisfy their taste buds with the best Bengali sweets. Visit West Bengal on this Basant Utsav to have a rejuvenating experience of the festival of spring!

Basant Utsav

Activities : Visit Tejpur, Mother Teresa House, Bishnupur

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10. Baithaki or Khadi Holi, Uttarakhand

The beautiful hill station, Uttarakhand proves its uniqueness in the Holi celebration too. The state celebrates the festival in different styles- Baithaki Holi and Khadi Holi. People form tribes or groups and dance to the mesmerizing folk music that make up the ethnic elegance of the festival. The formation of these groups called tolis starts months or weeks before the day of Holi. Khadi Holi is a celebration witnessed in rural areas. People wear traditional clothes and sing classical songs and divine ragas with the tunes of dhol. To dissolve yourself in the spiritual aspect of Holi this year, visit Uttarakhand.

Baithaki Holi Uttarakhand

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11. Manjal Kuli, Kerala

In the southern parts of India, the Holi celebration is mostly restricted to Kerala. The festival is celebrated as Manjal Kuli, translated to turmeric bath, in different temples of Kerala. The rituals are performed during the span of four days in several temples and mainly in the Konkani temple. The Kudumbi community celebrates the triumph of Goddess Durga over the demons on the day of the full moon in March. People enjoy the traditions by gathering at these temples, dancing, singing, and splashing color or turmeric water. Have a peaceful yet colorful celebration of Holi at the wonderful temples of Kerala.    

Manjal Kuli Kerala

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12. Phagwah, Assam

The celebration of Holi goes on for 3-5 days in Assam and the festival is recognized as Phagwah. The first day is called banhutsava, the second day is called bhardoul, and the last day is called phakua or suweri. All the rituals are performed with great anticipation and belief. The celebration is dedicated to both the legends. Holika Dahan commemorates the victory of good, on the other hand, bhajan and folk songs are sung to celebrate the love of Radha and Krishna. Holi in Assam is not only full of delight, colors, water, and dance but also executes the religious practices with great dedication.

Holi in Assam

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