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As we approach the digital age of the workplace it is hard to manage work-life balance. Moreover, there is not a single instance wherein an employee is made to have a moment to take a break, the entire work-from-home scenario has made it hard for the people to have time for themselves. Now, if at all they get time for vacation then it is very much recommended to take a break that perfectly integrates their quest for wildlife exploration and inner-peace. Hence the stringent requirement for a tour package that perfectly amalgamates these aspects.

Yoga, meditation and wellness have become a necessity amongst late teenagers and workers. Yoga is a stress buster and promotes relaxation, which in fact is the polar opposite of stress! I think it’s about time people understand the misconception. Yoga is beyond “just stretching”. “Hatha” is a yogic style which is specifically designed for stress relief. When “Hatha” is coupled with a picturesque place such as a beach or a hill station, the serene beauty of the landscape would boost the posture by giving it a tad bit of extra relaxation, helping you relieve stress much easier.

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Though this quest for inner-peace plan sounds promising, finding the best travel agent for yoga and meditation is very hard, and there are only a hand few of them that actually integrates Yoga sessions along with the package. This raises the requirement for a strong background check on any travel agency before finalising the itinerary. Needless to say, though there is a high demand for the best travel agent for yoga and meditation & wellness tours! Alas, your search for such agency is almost like a pavement for your inner-peace as, after finding out one such agency only could get you started on your quest!

To help you on your quest, have a look at arguably the best travel agent for yoga and meditation, Special Holiday Travel Pvt. Ltd. Here’s the list of programs offered by them that integrates wellness and meditation :

They have their own flagship Golden triangle tour with yoga and meditation, that covers Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Rishikesh and Agra. However, if you’re looking to tone your body while finding inner-peace, then SHTC has one perfect package for that too. Their “Weight Loss Tour With Ayurveda Tour” takes you through a whole-body transformation while spending most days at Trivandrum and Kovalam. Finally, if you want to get the royalty by performing Yoga asanas in front of Taj Mahal, one among the seven wonders of the world, then you can sign up for the “Yoga Facing the Taj Mahal” package that comes with a one-hour yoga class.

Now that you’ve gone through the diversity of the packages that SHTC, here are some facts that might as well resonate their reign as the best travel agent for yoga and meditation.

1. Special Holiday Travel Pvt. Ltd. has a wide consumer base and a 5-star rating on all of their social media platforms.

2. SHTC is also a proud recipient of the National Award for their commendable contributions to the tourism sector.

3. SHTC has a wide range of itineraries to choose from and they always prioritize customer satisfaction, and they try to keep their packages as affordable as possible by not compromising the quality of services. You’ll still travel and live in luxury!!

4. Last but not the least, the Yoga instructor for your wellness package will be a certified yoga instructor with a good amount of expertise in wellness and care. Yogi will surely keep the program informative and productive!

Most Selling Ayurveda, Yoga and Wellness Tour Packages :

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