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The Maldives is a paradise that everyone aspires to dive into. A chain of 1192 islands constitute this little country, and these 1192 islands are so small that the Maldives as a whole is omitted from the World Map. When there exist as much as 1192 islands, it is hard to spend a week or two and cover everything. Instead, your mission should be able to cover the most part of the Maldives! Let’s just cut to the chase and dive straight into the Maldives. Here’s the list of 20 Best Things to do in Maldives :

1. Dolphin Spotting

Believe it or not, Maldives has around 20 different species of Dolphins, which await for your presence. Among these 20, Bottlenose, Spinner, Spotted, Risso’s and Striped dolphins are seen the most, while the Spinner Dolphins are said to have the most population, of around 2000. While you are at Maldives, flex with Spinner dolphins and enjoy the time of your life by spotting them run free in the wild Indian ocean.

Dolphin Spotting Maldives
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2. Scuba Diving

It would be a waste of time for you if you visit the Maldives and decide not to take part in the Scuba diving program offered by the islands. This is easily one among the best things to do while exploring Maldives. You get to swim beside the Dolphins and Manta Rays(Yes, you heard it right, the Maldives do have a small population of Manta Rays!). Even if you don’t know how to swim, you can always get assistance from the kind scuba divers and instructors. But at the same time, if you’re afraid of underwater or depths, then I would suggest you stay away from this and find pleasure from the rest of the 20 best things to do while exploring Maldives.

Maldives Scuba Diving

3. Snorkelling

For all those who strayed from taking part in Scuba diving, Snorkelling might as well be the best alternative for you. The main difference is that in Snorkelling, you get to wear a mask along with a breathing tube, which is often termed as a “snorkel”. Once you are fully equipped you can swim on top of the reef and see the beautiful marine creatures live. If you are lucky enough, you might as well get to see tiny turtles marching in groups to have their lunch, or you could even spot a baby manta ray rushing behind its mother!

Snorkelling Maldives
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4. Surfing

Fitness and wellness enthusiasts, assemble! Surfing is easily one of the sports that truly tests the endurance and physical strength of a person. If you wish to challenge yourself against the fierce waves at the Maldives, then you might as well approach the nearest bay to get yourself a surfboard and dive straight into the tides. However, if you haven’t surfed before, there are plenty of surfing instructors near the shore. You could approach them and take classes from them so that you could master this art before leaving the island! That being said, Surfing is easily one among the things you can do in Maldives.

Surfing Maldives

5. Paddle Boarding, SUP

This is something new that you could do. If you’re not sure of hitting the tides with your surfboard, then paddleboarding would be the best alternative. In the Maldives, Stand-up paddle boarding is a sport that the majority of the tourists take part in. This specific form of paddling originated in Hawaii but is prevalent across all the islands of Maldives. Though you must have enough balance to sustain the tides, you won’t be put in a gruelling place as in the case of Surfing. Don’t miss Stand-up paddle boarding. If you ask me, this is the best amongst to do while exploring Maldives.

Paddle Boarding Maldives

6. Island Hopping

As said before, Maldives is a collective of 1192 islands, all of which are at close vicinity to one other. If you manage to get yourself accommodated on a private island, take your paddleboard or surfboard to visit the nearest islands while taking your surfing and paddling skills to the next level. It is not required that you only depend on surfing or paddling, you can easily hire for a boat from the private island. It is advisable that you first talk with the locals or guides to choose the islands you would want to visit. This is because of the fact that you could easily get lost amidst these 1192 islands and the worst case you don’t want to end up is to visit an island very far from your hotel, to only find that it has no significance! Do research before your search.

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7. Aerial View Across Maldives

Scenic flights are the most popular X-factor of Maldives and it is advisable that you pre-book your flight as soon as you arrive at your hotel. The Maldives, though a small collective of the island, is very beautiful and serene. It requires a helicopter or a jet to truly envision the serenity of this place. A scenic flight will take you across all the 1192 islands, giving you a glimpse as to what the Maldives truly represent. I suggest you fill in your bucket list with “Scenic flight” on top of all. You’ll regret it later if you miss this part!

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8. Balinese Massage

The chances are you are taking your loved ones on a trip to the Maldives to cope up with the hectic work pressure and to relieve some stress while exploring the Maldives. If that’s the case, Balinese Massage is a must. This stress-buster of a massage encourages your body to relax which directly eliminates your stress or your hectic flight from your house to the Maldives. That being said, as soon as you land here, check in to your hotel and book a spot at Balinese Massage so that you could freshen up before completing exploring the islands. Moreover, if you’re tired after a gruelling session of Surfing, go and take Balinese Massage to loosen your body so that you could get ready for it again, the next day!

9. Romantic Night Out with a Sunset Facing Dinner

The Maldives is easily one of the best places for spending the honeymoon with your better half. Every year, many couples come here to spend quality time with their loved ones. In the Maldives, the best thing to do as a couple is to book for a romantic private dinner wherein you along with your spouse can have dinner with the royalty of seeing the serene beauty of the sunset. It is advisable that you pre book your spot so that you won’t miss this remarkable experience.

Romantic Dinner Maldives

10. White Sand Beaches

The Maldives is known for its white-sand beaches. The peculiarity of white sand beaches is that it is shallow enough for you to walk on it. This is the most visited place in the Maldives and you could see people walking from one end to another just to enjoy the crystal blue water. The fun part is that many people walk on white-sand beaches for its therapeutic benefits. Your feet will be clean and you’d be lucky if your legs are being flocked and surrounded by fishes.

Maldives Beaches

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11. Water Bungalow

The most sought-after accommodation at the Maldives is the over the water bungalows. What’s so good about it that it ends up on this list. Well, this is the perfect spot to enjoy the serenity of the beaches. Book a bungalow and do some yoga for your wellness. Moreover, if your bungalow is near white-sand beaches, you can directly walk from your bungalow to the shore. How beautiful is that…?!

Water Bungalow Maldives

12. Jet Ski Safari

If you need an adrenaline rush, Jet Ski Safari is the best thing to do! While this might arguably be the best among, it is advisable that you approach a good enough resort for this service as not many resorts would offer quality safari as the vast majority of them would only take you for one round trip without much emphasis on the island hopping! Jet skiing is the best option if you want to visit many islands in one single day, provided you have the authority to travel between islands!

Jet Ski Maldives

13. Whale Shark Watching

If Dolphins alone are not fun for you, then you can go for whale shark watching. This is a special attraction of Cinnamon Dhonveli in the Maldives. Many people flock this place to watch the ferocious sharks circling around the serene waves. Dive into the ocean depths to explore the fearsome sharks!

Whale Shark Watching Maldives

14. Sunrise Kayaking

After having a romantic dinner facing the sunset, the best thing to do the next day is to take your spouse on a sunrise kayak! This would be a perfect blend of romance and adventure, both of which is necessary for a love-life! This too is limited to a few islands but tourists approach the Anantara Veli Maldives Resort for this kayak safari. While you’re at it, don’t forget to take your binoculars. It will help you in watching the dolphins or any other happy aquatic creature flocking alongside your adventurous kayak safari!

Sunrise Kayak Maldives

15. Yoga and Wellness Tour

Yoga coupled with a picturesque and serene location helps you in relieving the stress. If you’re at the Maldives to find inner-peace or decrease your work burden, then it is advisable to first take the Balinese massage and take a walk across the shore prior to your wellness session. You can get a lot of yoga instructors by the shore or if you need a certified instructor, then you can approach your hotel to arrange the instructor for you!

Yoga in Maldives

16. Catamaran Sailing

The reason as to why this is one among the best things to do in Maldives is the rarity of this sport. You can’t fancy a catamaran sailing in every island resort, but you can learn and sail a catamaran in the Maldives. This is definitely worth exploring and it is about time you learn something new besides the obvious marine sports. Do your research prior to landing on the Maldives,  since Catamaran sailing is not seen in all of the islands at the Maldives.

Catarman Sailing Maldives

17. Canoeing

There’s a huge difference between Canoeing and Kayaking. Although they do look similar the difference between them lies within the paddling technique. In canoeing, you are required to use a single-bladed paddle whereas, in the case of Kayak, you’re given a double-bladed one. Typically, Kayaking is easier as compared to Canoeing but shouldn’t keep you away from exploring this sport. Some of the islands in the Maldives are shallow hence you can canoe here and learn the sport before hitting the rough terrains.

Canoeing Maldives

18. Flyboarding

What if I told you, you can carry a jet pack beneath your foot to take yourself on a flight? Well, the response would be nothing but an awestruck face. This is very rare but there are a few islands in the Maldives that promote this sport. Villingili island has this hydroflighting device and gets a lot of requests from tourists to pursue this sport. Though it’s unsure as to whether they run a medical test or endurance test prior to this sport as it does require a lot of courage and balance to pursue this sport.

Flyboarding Maldives

19. Kitesurfing

If you are afraid of heights then it is best to go for Kitesurfing instead of Flyboarding. Kitesurfing is a fun activity to do with your friends or your loved ones. Kitesurfing or Kiteboarding can be found in almost all of the islands, however, it is best to check with your resort before proceeding!

Kitesurfing Maldives

20. Underwater Scooter

Saving the best for last, Underwater Scooter is an advancement made in the field of aquatic transportation. Underwater Scooters can be found at Maldives, which you could rent for taking a trip around the reefs to oversee aquatic life. This is not found in every island. Maafushi is where you can easily rent such scooters. Maafushi is a 90 minute trip from Male. You won’t regret taking this 90-minute trip if your stay is at Male.

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