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Are you a travel enthusiast, planning for a short yet adventure packed vacation from your hectic life? Then this is what you’ve been looking for. Special Holiday Travel Pvt. Ltd. is the one stop destination for fulfilling all your holiday dreams. You need not worry about anything; they have got everything sorted for you. No last time hurries or cancelations.

Special Holiday Travel Pvt. Ltd. offers a wide range of packages which are not only cost-effective but are also budget friendly.

One such package offered by them is for this mesmerizing island country, Sri Lanka. Its beautiful sandy beaches and rich cultural heritage will enchant you with its beauty. One can never get bored when in Sri Lanka as the place has got a lot to offer for everyone.

Special Holiday Travel Pvt. Ltd. has well curated and fun loaded holiday packages waiting for you and your family, which lets you explore every bit of the country.

The best time to visit Sri Lanka is from November to March, with the perfect combination of hot and humid days and chilly nights. One must be aware that holidays and festivals that take place in Sri Lanka as we stated earlier due to the multicultural background have various significant religious and national festivals which are being celebrated throughout the year here. The first cultural pageant or “Perahera” as it’s known in Sinhalese, is “Duruthu” itself meaning January in the Sinhalese calendar which takes place in the commercial capital Colombo, a great time to combine shopping and sightseeing of this colonial-era seaport. April marks the end of paddy harvesting season and the start of New Year according to the Buddhist calendar. It generally happens around 13th & 14th of April, when all Sinhalese and Hindu’s celebrate “Awurudu”, a unique event where the whole country follows a single time table to cook and eat.  Having sandy beaches and dry plains to tropical rainforests and lavish slopes of the tea nation, it implies that there is also an extensive variety of adventure activities to do in Sri Lanka. Whether it is wilderness boating, surfing, scuba diving, a wildlife safari or a hot air balloon ride, Sri Lanka is the perfect safehouse for adventure junkies. No holiday is complete without food, and so is the trip to Sri Lanka. Forget about your diet as the sour fish curry or the fish ambul thiyal and the kukul mas curry which is also commonly known as the chicken curry will make your taste buds go nuts. In a country in which the coconut is of supreme importance, pol sambol, a fresh coconut relish has to be on your wish list. The people around here are very friendly too and are definitely going to make your visit worth remembering.

So wait no more and get your hands on one of these excellent tour packages offered by the Special Holiday Pvt. Ltd. and make your next visit to Sri Lanka with your family, friends or loved ones a memorable one.

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