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Summer is the season when the king of fruits mango arrives in all its grandeur. In India, during the months of March to July, you will find an abundance of sweet-smelling, delicious mangoes. While Uttar Pradesh produces the most amount of mangoes, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Bihar, West Bengal and many other states contribute to the county’s mango production. Alphonso, Dasheri, Chausa, Badami, Himsagar, Langra, Neelam etc are some of the popular mangoes grown in India. 

No other fruit enjoys as much fame and popularity as mangoes. Since mangoes are available only for a limited time, the demand for this fruit remains high. You can enjoy it raw, make mango milkshakes, make chutney and can also make papad and pickle with mangoes. During summer, people travel to the famous mango farms to enjoy freshly grown fruits, and in various cities, mango festivals are organized. In these festivals, you can buy mangoes of different kinds, food products made from mango, and even mango trees. 

If you too are a fellow mango lover, here is a list of 5 best mango festivals in India that you must check out. 

1. International Mango Festival, Delhi

Delhi Tourism organizes the International Mango Festival every year in the month of July. The festival started long back in 1998, and every year it is only growing in popularity. Here you will find more than 500 types of mangoes from all over the country. Apart from selling mangoes, the festival also arranges fun mango eating competitions, quizzes and other activities. Safe to say, it is definitely a lip-smacking experience. 

International Mango Festival Delhi

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2. Goa Mango Festival

Goa Mango Festival takes place usually at the beginning of May every year. Here you will find a wide variety of mangoes, both locally grown Alphonso and mangoes from other states. Interesting competitions take place to determine the best-grown mango. 

Goa Mango Festival

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3. Uttar Pradesh Mango Festival, Lucknow

The Mango Festival of Lucknow is organized with the purpose of helping the mango farmers and the ones associated with mango farms. Habibullah Estate Orchard is responsible for arranging this festival. The festival is held at the Paryatan Bhavan, Lucknow. You will find fresh mangoes straight from the farm and amazing mango products. You can also enjoy folk music under the cool shade of a large mango tree.

4. Mango Mela, Chandigarh

The Mango Mela in Chandigarh is organized by the Haryana Tourism Department and the Horticulture Department. Here you will not only get different kinds of mangoes but also you can participate in the mango eating competitions, buy handicrafts and mango trees. The venue for the festival is Yadavindra Gardens, Pinjore, and it takes place in the month of July. The festival is almost three decades old. 

Mango Mela Chandigarh

5. Mango Mela, Bangalore and Mysore

Bangalore and Mysore have their own mango festivals, known as Mango Mela. Local farmers sell organically grown mangoes in these festivals, that taste way better than artificially ripened mangoes. The Horticulture Department and the Karnataka State Mango Development Marketing Corporation Limited organize this festival every year in the month of May or June, in Lalbagh, Bangalore and Curzon Park, Mysore.

Mango Mela Bangalore

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