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India is one of the most spectacular destinations to be at, with an impeccable culture and tradition that makes everyone hooked onto it making them explore more and more. There are a lot of attractions in this destination from forests, hill stations, beaches, mountain ranges and lot more. All of these are extremely scenic that they leave you captivated with their beauty. It is the best destination to be at and is loved by every travel enthusiast out there. But in order to sink in most of this experience, there is a lot of planning and research required. To get you out of all that work we at SPECIAL HOLIDAY do all the back work to much sure you enjoy and have some of the most memorable and special trips. So if you are looking for some luxury packages, head on to our website and get all the details you would want to know.

Here are out top 3 India luxury tour packages that you should definitely keep in your mind if you’re planning one.

1. The Royal Rajasthan

We here the entire world talk about the heritage of India with is absolutely impeccable. If you want to witness everything that has been said and heard then Rajasthan is place that you should definitely visit. One greatest thing about Indian culture is that it holds all its ancestral values and culture on a high pedestrian and passes on to many generations. All of this is reflected in this state of India which is a live example of the royalty that India always had. This was the land of many mighty kings and their kingdoms and therefore every part of this place oozes out royalty and beholds immense archaeological treasure like mighty forts palaces. There are many interesting stories behind their origin that captivates every tourist. Staying and exploring these rich sites will definitely make you feel luxurious and special.

Amer Fort Jaipur

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2. The Heavenly Kashmir

This place is rightly called as the heaven on earth. The very first glimpse of this will leave you mesmerized and makes you want to go about exploring every inch of it and get to know more about it. The mighty Himalayan ranges are the major attraction and thee are number of resorts in its premises that gives you the best glimpses of India’s pride which looks like it is straight out of a painting. There are a number of fun interesting activities that you can indulge in in Kashmir, like a boat ride in the dal lake, trekking, mountain climbing and many more that take you closest to nature. There is no better luxury than being closely associated to nature and being able to sense every beautiful thing about it, and no description can do justice to what you can witness in person.

Kashmir Boating

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The Scenic Kerala

this paradise is located in south India, and is a pure bliss to be at. It is called as God’s own country and there is absolutely no denial in it because, it is probably the best creation of God. Everything about this place feels divine and heavenly. This destination has everything from forests, sanctuaries, rivers, beaches and a lot more. The major attraction of this place is the mesmerising backwaters and this is one of the most unique places to be at. Out of the many ways one can explore this place staying on a private house boat is the most luxurious experiences one can get with the perks of getting the best view and sinking in the beauty of the nature.


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